Evan and I were married in January of 2013, and it was such an amazing day!

wedding 2

Prior to the wedding, I blogged about my planning process as Miss Gloves, over on WeddingBee.

Wedding 3

After the wedding, I blogged my recaps and vendor reviews.

Wedding 4

Some of my most popular posts, though, were about my organization- I had an epic wedding schedule, as well as a very inclusive wedding packet. You can find links to some of these documents below!

The Packet   The Checklist   The Spreadsheet   Schedule


If you have any other questions about our wedding, or Catholic weddings, or getting married in Columbus, please email me at hello {at} intentionallyerin {dot} com and I’m more than happy to share my experience and any advice I can offer!

  • RobinB

    What are the colors representing in the spreadsheet?
    What you did is amazing and beautiful! (planning and execution!!)
    Congrats! Im in panic mode as I have 6 mos……

    • Erin

      The colors, surprisingly, don’t really represent anything- mostly I wanted a visual separation of activities/changes of venue/etc, so I changed colors every time something new was supposed to happen 🙂 People think this is crazy, but it was an insanely well organized day, so I worried about nothing! Good luck with your wedding- with six months, there’s still plently of time for obsessive over logistics 🙂