30 before 30

Here it is- the 30 things that I hope to check off over the course of the year. I’ll check in with updates!

30 before 30

☐ buy a piece of real art, from an artist, and hang it

☐ transform one room of my house (decor, furniture, paint, etc)

☐ conquer a fear (or at do something terrifying)

☐ complete a triathlon

☐ read 5 really great books

☐ embark on a genealogy project, including all sides of the family

☐ clarify a plan for paying off student loans by 35

☐ develop a musical skill

☐ do three remarkable things in my marriage

☐ appreciate something insanely beautiful

☐ learn to play chess well

☐ find a way to volunteer or contribute to a cause that’s important

☐ spend an insane amount of time having fun w/friends and family

☐ complete a project 365

☐ learn to apply makeup well

☐ grow an abundant garden with at least two seasons

☐ transition into a career with long term fulfillment + growth opportunities

☐ host a great holiday party

☐ master a go-to assortment of signature dishes

☐ obtain my masters degree

☐ create a will

☐ find a church, and go- regularly

☐ take a formal and recurring class, on anything

☐ have a completely unplugged vacation

☐ 3 miles or 3 minutes, 5 days a week

☐ organize each room in my house, to minimize STUFF

☐ have a really amazing adventure

☐ learn to make bread

☐ embrace a spontaneous trip

☐ grow a successful side hustle