We’re back!

Hello, friends! I’ve just returned from a magnificent, rejuvenating vacation, and it seems like the perfect time to revive the ol’ blog <3


Evan and I were fortunate enough to spend the past several weeks enjoying all that Italy has to offer– we travelled from Rome to Venice, then Lake Como, on to Florence, and finished with several days on the Amalfi Coast. To say that it was incredible would be to under exaggerate enormously.


If you follow me on Instagram (AlwaysErinD) you will have seen 40 or so carefully curated photos, which hopefully didn’t overwhelm anyone’s feed. The next couple of blogs will go into a bit more detail. I’ll cover our itinerary, the sites we visited, how we got there, where we stayed, what we ate and other logistics. I’ll also include reviews and links, in case anyone is interested in any specific part of our journey.


For travellers who are planning a similar trip, I hope this is helpful! For everyone else, I hope it’s at least interesting 🙂


Anyway, welcome back to my blog! I’m feeling re-energized and enthusiastic, and I’m excited to be writing again. I hope you’re excited to be reading!


  • Soo beautiful! Can’t wait to hear more 🙂