It’s June!

Friends! It has been a minute {or five months} but I am back in business!

When last we met, I posted a very ambitious #30before30 and, man, I have been busy! Unfortunately, over the course of time, I’ve actually only accomplished one thing, but it’s enormous- I graduated!

30 Before 30

That feels pretty awesome! It got to be really crazy towards to end of the semester, but I finished my coursework, passed my finals, and am proud to say that I am officially a master.


This means, of course, that I am now a woman of leisure and am in need of activities to fill my time. We recently booked airfare our fall vacation, so I definitely need to start thinking of how to best spend three weeks in Italy (pasta, wine, relaxing…done!) but I also want to get busy on this list!

This summer, I’m hoping to check off a solid 12-15 items (garden and friendship seem like nice targets) and start work on many others. I’ll be posting so much more, now that my life involves something more interesting than data analysis, so stay tuned!