30 Before 30

It is time, my friends- time for 30 before 30!

Bucket lists are usually not for me, but I’m really embracing this one! My birthday is on NYE, and that makes it a great time to review and assess what’s happening in my life. Last year I turned 29 and, while I’m not having any kind of life-crisis about turning 30, it really is one of those nice, round milestones. At this point, I would say that I am abundantly satisfied with my life, but there are a few of those areas that are ripe for tweaking and updating.

Enter: 30 Before 30.

30 before 30

Some of the items on here are habits or behaviors that I’m hoping to develop and embrace. Some of them are skills that I’d like to enhance. Some are actual, physical items that I am in pursuit of. Everything on this list is something that I am committed to doing, and that I truly believe I can accomplish in the next year {DREAM BIG, amirite?}.

So this is what I have going on this year, and I’m crazy excited for it! If any of you have experience or resources in these areas and care to share, please text, email, or comment at me—if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s to embrace my community 🙂 Otherwise, keep an eye out for updates as I check off everything on the list over the next 11.5 months.

{Can we just talk about how we’re already down ½ a month?? Also, I’m taking four classes/12 credits to finish my masters this semester. So maybe hold your enthusiasm for me until early May, as that’s when I’ll be back up to breath.}

Also, what am I missing? Let me know what you have on your must-do list for this year!

  • Ayesha King

    I like your list! There’s a good mix of things you can continuously work on and things that are challenging. My 30 before 30 spans three years, and I haven’t done much of it yet, so I’m not the best person to ask. I look forward to hearing how your year-long adventure goes!