2015: A Year in Review

Friends! I have been conspicuously MIA for the second half of 2015, I know. Things just…well, things were life, and not particularly remarkable or out of the ordinary, but my little chunk of internet was shuffled to the bottom of my priorities list for a while, to be honest (though you can always find me on Insta)! But I’m here now, and I’d like to wrap up 2015 with you 🙂



Biggest victories: I earned straight A’s all year; Evan was accepted to grad school; we took two lovely family vacations and spent the holidays, happy and healthy, with everyone we love (seriously- between Friendsmas, hangouts chats from abroad, and all of the family time, we saw nearly everyone!); health improvements! I paid off my car, and we also refinanced our mortgage to a 15 year loan, which feels very much like adulting.

Biggest challenges: loss. In 2015, Evan’s step dad passed away, as did my grandmother—that was heart breaking. We also struggled with Howie’s back injury, and we learned a lesson in how important that guy is to us! And, for whatever reason, we still have not completed a few house projects that have lingered for over a year…huh. We also struggled to balance life between self-care, work, school, family and friends, and sometimes that balance was very stressful.DeGiralomo15-8092

Theme: My theme for 2015 was ‘Wellness’ and I am actually really thrilled with my progress in that area. The first half of the month was crazy stressful, and I developed a really reliable relationship with meditation and yoga that helped me through; my marriage also grew so much as we worked through the pain of our losses. In June, I embarked on a Whole 30 rather suddenly, and saw so many health improvements immediately. That led to my joining a fitness challenge, and I realized that my knees were really limiting my physical activity. I made doctor’s appointments and did some rehab for that for a few months, AND THEN I TOOK UP RUNNING. That’s a miracle, since I’ve never been a runner. My sisters and I teamed up to do a triathalon in Buffalo at the end of summer, and it was awesome. Overall, I’ve lost weight and really improved my physical fitness, and that’s been great for me. I think that I struggled this year with social wellness- with everything going on, I didn’t have the opportunity to spend as much time with friends as I would have hoped early in the year. Through fall, though, I made an effort to travel to people a little more, and we had a few weddings and hosted a Friendsmas, and that really filled my heart in a way I so badly needed.

Areas that still have opportunities for improvement might be occupational, but I’ve got a few irons in the fire there, so we’ll see what 2016 brings. I’d also like to work on my financial wellness. I’ve done a pretty boss job of saving for a vacation in the coming year, but I’d also like to create a plan to ensure that I’m finished paying my student loans by the time I’m 35. Finally, I’m really planning to address my spiritual wellness in the coming year. My wedding really turned me off of the Catholic Church and, to be real, I don’t think I’ve attended Mass since. I strongly suspect (hope?), however, that my experience was specific to my church at that time, so I will plan to re-engage with a few other churches in 2016 and see if I can find something I like more. If not…well, that might be an answer, too, and maybe I will have to develop a new spiritual path.

So that’s me for this year! I have a ton more coming up in the New Year, and I’m looking forward to sharing a little bit about that in the coming days. This week will feature my birthday (last year in my 20’s!), then New Years Day (with a new theme) and then our 3rd wedding anniversary, so we have many things to celebrate! What I want to know, though, is more about your 2015- what was really remarkable for you? Share in the comments below!