Summer Check In

Friends! Happy Friday!

How has your summer been? If it’s anything like mine, it’s been a little crazy, in the best possible way! I’ve had a killer summer semester of classes, and we just wrapped up a huge project at work. Outside of work and class, Evan and I have been packing in so much over the past few months, and we are in love with life lately (if a little short on sleep). If you follow me on Insta (AlwaysErinD) you’ve seen most of these, but here’s a little peek into our life:

stimMy knees have been a hot mess since I was about 12, but after my last surgery (ten years ago) I didn’t rehab as completely as I should have, so every time I try to start being more active, knee pain gets in the way of my success. Not this time, though! I finally went to an orthopedic and started a rehab plan…and now I have the pleasure of electrocuting myself every night in the name of muscle development!

triathalonAs a result of my newfound leg strength, I finally started running (I’ve always, always hated running) and I was thrilled tocomplete a relay triathalon with my sisters this summer! I had the kayaking portion (hi, kayaking four and a half miles is hard, you guys!) but we all finished the running portion together…in tutus, of course.

kayakingEvan and I have also been doing some Ohio kayaking, when we can. June was pretty much awful, in terms of Ohio weather, but the second half of the summer has had many more opportunities for time on the water.

produceThe Ohio weather has also been a little rocky for my garden, but I seriously managed to grow an entire salad! I have such an irrational sense of pride about it, but I feel like I pioneer every time I each food that I grew myself.

plum tartSpeaking of food…I’ve never had a fig and, for some reason, I really thought they would by my spirit food. I did tons of searching for fig recipes and ended up making this really lovely skillet tart that I was so excited about. As it turns out, though- we don’t love figs. Actually, they’re not really that good at all. Maybe it was just our limited experience? Either way, we ended up with a really lovely almond tart and some pockets where figs used to be.

pieA more successful baking experience was last weekend’s berry pie- how much more basic does baking get than fruit pies? It was, of course, amazing—recipe coming next week!

annabelleOne thing that we absolutely haven’t had enough of this summer has been Annabelle time! She’s one, she’s teething, and she’s walking- how is she growing up so fast??

howieAnd lastly, this guy. Howie has been less than impressed with our whirlwind lifestyle, and is clearly ready for some hard core snuggling!

So that’s what’s been keeping me from the blog this summer! I hope you are excited for a very robust fall- I have the feeling that I am going to have an insane bout of productivity, and you all are going to be positively whelmed with house updates, tons of book reviews, autumn baking and more!

Tell me about you, though- what have you all been getting into this summer?