Wellness Wednesday Check-In

Friends- hello!

How are you?

I miss you!

Pretty much, I’ve been absent from this blog and kind of checked out of my normal life for a while. This spring was challenging- I was taking a full class schedule and struggling with one particular class; my department was understaffed for bit while demands escalated; Evan and I mourned the passing of two of our family members. It was…it was a really rough time, for a while.


You can see that Howie was also having a rough time

But things finally seem to have righted themselves! We’ve been able to find some peace with our losses, work had sorted itself out, and I’ve moved into a new semester. Yay! Now that we’re looking ahead to blue skies, it seems like a perfect time to do a quick check-in on my Year of Wellness.

Overall, I feel safe saying that things are going well. As it relates to financial wellness, I still have a boatload of student loans, but I paid off a substantial loan with our tax refund, so I feel great about that. Professionally and intellectually, I feel like my classes are absolutely contributing to development, and really engaging my mind. Spiritually, the She Reads Truth app (I think I mentioned it just before Easter) has been so helpful in developing a daily spiritual/religious practice. Mentally, I’m pretty sure that my yoga and meditation practices were critical in getting me through this spring- I turned to one or the other of them anytime I felt too out of control.

I guess where I’m really focusing my attention now is physical and nutritional wellness. With all of the insanity of funerals and classes, I quit the hot yoga class that was showing me serious fitness results, and I start to eat things that were convenient…which are not the same as things that are healthy. As a result, I’ve been feeling pretty blah lately- tired and sluggish and just gross.


My Whole30 compliant Zoodles and Meatballs

So I’m making some changes! I started a 30 day power yoga program, and am doing a Whole 30 month. It’s only Day 3 of both things, but I feel pretty good. Moreover, I know that in order to make real lifestyle changes, I have to stick with it—so my dedication is pretty serious, at this point at least. I’ll keep you all posted, especially in Insta, if you follow me. I’m really looking forward to seeing some healthy results as I tackle these two projects and I can’t wait to share my progress and strategies with you!

Tell me- what aspect of wellness have you been working on lately? Are you seeing any good results?