February Subscription Boxes: Birchbox and Sample Society

Birchbox February 2015


Monthly delivery for $10/month

Includes 4-5 beauty and lifestyle samples

This month my box included Fekkai Dry Shampoo, Not Soap, Radio Body Wash, Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner, theBalm Read My Lips Lip Gloss, and Derma e Anti Wrinkle Exfoliating Cleanser. Birchbox has a few options each month- you can choose one of your samples, or you can choose a curated box, or you can choose to be completely surprised. I’m not particular about any of these options- I’ve done all three, and it really depends on whether or not anything really jumps out at me. This month, I was really into the curated box! So, nothing here is a surprise to me, and I don’t mind at all. I’m really into dry shampoo, and having sample sizes around is great for travel. I’ve loved the Not Soap, Radio brand, so always choose their items when available. The eyeliner is interesting (the color was actually a surprise, since they were randomly assigned) but I’m looking forward to seeing if I can make a blue eyeliner work. I’m pretty well set on glosses now, but I’m sure that one of my sisters will love this. And the exfoliating cleanser is perfect- it has a nice texture, but also feels super moisturizing, which is great for my sad winter skin. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my Birchbox this month.

Oh!! Right! So this box was sponsored by Rent the Runway, which is a service that I love and use regularly, so there is a $30 coupon code in the box. I have an event coming up next month that I need a dress for, so I was so thrilled to get this discount! I know that alot of people might not have a reason to use their code, but since I do, this box is an incredible value for me- I couldn’t be more satisfied!

SampleSociety February 2015

Allure Sample Society

Monthly delivery for $15/month

Includes 4-5 full and deluxe sized beauty and makeup samples

This month I received nugg Face Masks, Nails Inc Polish, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Chloe Love Story Perfume Sample, and StriVectin Intensive Illuminating Serum. So let’s start right in on the StriVectin- it was mistakenly sent out last month, so they resent it…and I’m not mad! It has a great value, and the packaging is perfect for saving to use when I travel. You know how I feel about perfume samples (meh) and we talked about my love for dry shampoos above in the Birchbox (yay!) so we can skip over those items. The nail polish is an interesting color, sort of a grey blue, and I’m not really sure about it. I’m not usually very adventurous with my nails, but it seems like I’m getting tons of polish lately, so my nails are currently a minty green and I’ll probably try this color next- why not? And lastly, the masks. I tried the moisturizing one last night, and it was pretty effective. The thing is, if Sample Society had only sent one of these I probably would have been pretty unimpressed with this box. I know adding two more doesn’t significantly increase the value but it does expose me to more products- and that’s my end game. So for me, this box was was a win! Not thrilling, by any means, but I feel pretty satisfied.

So far, no one else seems to be getting boxes- are you guys telling me that I’m the only one among my readers that subscribes? If not, tell me what you guys are looking forward to in the mail 🙂