DarbySmart, January 2015

Happy February, my friends! I heard this morning that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted a late winter…and I totally agree with him J I just don’t think that we’ve received quite the winter we were expecting yet, and I’m still anticipating much more weather to come!

While I am definitely eager to get outside and start gardening/jogging/generally enjoying not being cooped up, I’ve also been able to keep busy indoors this year. I generally like to spend the winter months doing creative things, and this year has been no exception. We’re still slowly plugging away at our fireplace remodel, and coordinating a dedicated yoga room, and I’ve developed a cross stitching habit, but I was also generously gifted a subscription to DarbySmart for my birthday (aren’t my sisters just those most thoughtful??).

DarbySmart January 2015DarbySmart is a monthly subscription box that is craft focused; each box contains all of the supplies needed to complete one or more crafting products. For January, I received a paint stamping kit and tea towels to be stamped. The kit included paint, a paint tray, a paint roller, linoleum block, a block carving tool, and two towels.

DarbySmart January 2015cI decided that I wanted to do a geometric boarder on two sides of the towels and, after doodling around for a bit, settled on a herringbone pattern. Carving the block was actually a bit challenging, and I ended up carving out a portion of one of my nail beds, which was both painful and kind of gross. After the block was carved, though, stamping the towels was pretty straight forward and I really like the results! (One minor complaint, though- I thought the ink was blue, since the print on the bottle is, so didn’t realize that my herringbone pattern would end up looking kind of like tire tracks, with the black ink.)

DarbySmart January 2015bOverall, I’m really happy with DarbySmart. Having an entire craft project shipped to me is super convenient, and I love that the resulting product is something that I can actually use. Also, I mentioned that the block was a challenge, but that was a good thing- I felt accomplished by the time I finished, and not like I was just going a craft for the sake of completing something. Anyway, this was a great way to get some creativity into my life (and my winter) and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next few months!

  • Those towels are cute! My life has been lacking in craftiness lately.

    • Erin

      Mine too! Between work and school and the blog, I really needed something to force me to step outside of my routine…so this gift subscription was right up my alley!