2015: a year of wellness

2015 is starting off right, my friends! Evan and I are wrapping up an insanely fulfilling holiday season, I just celebrated my 28th birthday with some of my favorite people, and the Buckeyes pulled through with a Sugar Bowl win. On top of that, Evan and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary this weekend and, since it’s my year to plan, I know that we have some pretty awesome things coming over the next few days. Overall, this has been a pretty solid opening to what I hope will be a fabulous year!

Now, you all might remember that I’m a girl that loves planning and goal setting- I think the post-wedding posts on organization and financial planning highlighted that particular trait. It’s a little surprising, then, that I really don’t love making New Years resolutions. My theory is this: people make resolutions for really specific changes and embark on these changes on January 1. Things start to peter out and, after a few months, resolutions are abandoned to busy scheduled and more important matters. So, rather than resolutions, I like to set broad intentions, and prefer assign a word, or theme, to each year.

Past themes have included ‘Be Open’ (a plan for saying yes to everything, and being open to opportunity, change and growth), ‘Practice Generosity’ (though not necessarily monetary- more like generosity of time, patience, kindness, etc), and ‘Life is a Puzzle’ (related to curbing my tendency to over analyze and easing anxiety related to compulsive planning). This time around, I’ve decided that my theme for 2015 is ‘Wellness’.


Wellness is kind of a trendy catchphrase, and it can mean some many different things to different people and groups. Most of the literature suggests that there are eight components to wellness: social, physical, environmental, emotional/mental, intellectual, career/livelihood, spiritual, and financial.

So, what does wellness mean for me, and what will it mean for 2015? Well, it mostly means being intentional, and being aware of the decisions I’m making. Specifically, I plan to address organization (both time and physical organization), stress management, fitness, quality of sleep, nutrition and hydration. Pretty much, I’m looking at areas of my life that have room for improvement, and which I can control, and making changes for the better. It feels a little abstract at the front of this project, but I actually have a ton of apps, projects, processes and products to explore and to share- I’m really excited to think about the possibilities!
So tell me about your new year- what intentions are you setting?

  • Gah, quality of sleep is one that I struggle with on almost a nightly basis. I think Wellness as a theme is great for a year outlook: as we get older (eepies), it becomes easier to let responsibility for ourselves (bodies and minds alike) slide but, of course, that’s the time we should put extra effort into it. Looking forward to following along with your journey. 🙂

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