November 2014 Subscription Box Reviews: Birchbox, Ipsy, and Sample Society

I know that December subs are coming out over the next week, but I still wanted to include my November comparisons- I always like to see how the subscriptions stack up against each other!

Birchbox ReviewBirchbox

Monthly delivery for $10/month

Includes 4-5 beauty and lifestyle samples

This month my box included Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, Bain de Terre Styling Oil, Tocca Hand Cream, Not Soap Radio Body Wash, Ellovi Lip Butter, plus a bonus foil packet sample of Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter. Overall, I am thrilled with this box! Juice Beauty is a great brand for sensitive skin, the Lip Butter was surprisingly awesome and I already knew I loved the body wash, which is why I chose it as my sample pick. Plus, I really love getting a bonus sample, especially something yummy and convenient like the almond butter- it lived in my purse for a week until I needed an emergency snack and at it smeared on an apple 🙂 I’m traditionally a bit weary of styling oil, and I feel like I have a ton of hand cream samples, so those weren’t my favorite items. Since the rest of the box was awesome, though, those really weren’t a deal breaker- great job this month, Birchbox!

Monthly delivery for $10/month

Includes 4-5 full sized or deluxe sample products, plus a makeup bag

This month my box included Be a Bombshell Eye Base, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye,  J Cat Beauty Lip Paint, Mark Anthony Argan Oil Hair Spray, Temptu Highlighter, and the glittery cosmetics bag pictured here. For at least the second month in a row, I’m pretty skeptical about my Ipsy box. The thing is, it felt like I wanted to love everything when I opened my box! But then I started to use everything, and my enthusiasm waned. First, the eyeshadow base- I’m not a fan of Be a Bombshell, and I thought the idea of a shimmery base that’s supposed to act like a primer was weird. The under eye cream was a great idea, but a miss for me because it was the wrong skin tone- I wish that ipsy wouldn’t guess at things like this because it’s a completely wasted sample. I was thrilled to see the super dark/berry colored lip paint. The color didn’t work on me, though, and it was impossible to apply with any precision, which is really the part that irritated me the most- I can deal with a color issue if I could at least get it on my lips! The highlighter is fine, and I actually love the subtle sheen, but I’ve been inundated with Temptu products recently and would love to see more variety. So, overall, I was actually really disappointed- I was so excited to see my products, but then none of them actually wow-ed me. I guess that’s the point of the sample subs, though…at least I’m trying new things?
Sample Society Review

Allure Sample Society

Monthly Delivery for $15/month

Includes 4-5 Full sized and deluxe beauty and makeup samples

This month I received Alterna Caviar Oil, Calvin Klein Reveal perfume, LORAC Cobra Mascara, Malin and Goetz Bergamot Body Wash, MD Cream Beauty Balm. Honestly, guys- the only item in the box this month that held my interest was the mini mag, and that was only because the editors of the mag pretty much snarked on every single item they included in the box. They called the Caviar syrupy, and included tips for washing it out; they used words like ‘porny’ to describe the perfume and ‘wtf’ in relation to the mascara wand. Reading that before I even opened the box certainly did not inspire confidence in the products, and I wasn’t much more impressed after I sampled them (stopppp with counting the perfume as a sample, especially if there’s nothing else that’s awesome in the box!!). Next month has a few full size samplers, though, and a Crabtree and Evelyn hand lotion, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed- I have faith in you, Sample Society!
So that’s what I have for last month’s subs. Is there another subscription that anyone else is loving lately??
  • Sara

    Birchbox looks like it’d be right up my alley! Considering those packs of Justin’s nut butters are pretty steep, too, $10 seems really reasonable!

    • Erin

      I love Birchbox! There are definitely better or worse months, but it’s overall pretty good- and fun to spend my beauty budget on surprises, rather than the same tired routine products 🙂