Happy December!!

Friends- hello!

You know, one month ago I was preparing for a November blogging challenge, and all of the sudden life started happening, so hard. Two huge reports due at work, and my department is understaffed. Statistics exams, and I don’t know anything about math. Grandma D passed away and, while not altogether surprising, it was a bit sudden and certainly heart breaking. Friendsgiving for thirty planned, and then cancelled. Blerg.

Unsurprisingly, I struggled to even keep my head above water- certainly, it was a character building month, and I was a quick study on the art of juggling, prioritizing, and triaging.

But now it’s December 1. It’s well past my bedtime, and Howie and I are snuggled into the flannel sheets, drinking hot cider and planning for my favorite month of the year. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we are coming off of a glorious vacation week in sunny Port Charlotte and plunging head first into Christmas, birthday and anniversary celebrations over the next six weeks…truly, December is such a glorious month!

All of this to say- hi, again! I’ve missed the consistency that blogging brings to my life, and am looking forward to sharing more again with you this month. December is jam packed, that’s for sure, and that will certainly translate to a ton of content. Over the next month, we’ll be bring some serious Friday Pie Day, a bit of wellness, fabulous book reviews, a few holiday projects, and a ton of Howie– and you know there will be food. I hope that you are all just as excited as I am!

So tell me- what’s your favorite part of the season? Or are you seriously grinching it over the winter?

  • Jennifer Walker

    November sorta blew up in our area, too–just too much going on! I’m really stoked about decorating for Christmas this year, though I need to get a move-on if it’s going to happen in any sort of decent time 🙂

    • Erin

      I absolutely hear you on decorating motivation- I didn’t have enough time to actually decorate yesterday, but I definitely brought the tree and lights upstairs and settled them into the living room. Hopefully that will serve as a visual cue to crank up my Pentatonix CD and get decorating one evening this week!