Friday Five: Friday Pie Day

Friends! It is Friday, and I’m thinking about pie.

Friday Five PieOne of my Autumn Goals was to increase my friendship time, so in a fit of seasonal enthusiasm, I decided to host a Friendsgiving Dinner. And then I invited thirty-ish people, most of whom accepted. So I’m hosting a dinner for 30 at my house in three weeks!

I’m actually really excited- Evan and I used to host ‘family dinner’ events pretty regularly where we would invite tons of people over for dinner. It’s a logistical challenge, for sure, but I know that we’re up for it. Also also…I love that Thanksgiving provides such an obvious theme. I’m still brainstorming menu options, but dessert has been on my mind all week. In the spirit of keeping things a bit streamlined (necessary when feeding thirty people) I decided to do a pie bar (which clearly brings back tons of delicious memories of our wedding pie bar). So todays Friday Five is my pie brainstorming:

  1. Apple pie. Boring, maybe, but I prefer to think of it as classic. Apple pies are my go-to dessert, the first pie that I learned to make, and the pie that I prepared for our wedding. Also, never tell my mom, but my dad secretly prefers mine to all others. So for me, apple pie is absolutely a must for any pie selection.
  2. Pecan pie. Now, I’d never made pecan pie until last year, when one of Evan’s cousins texted and asked me to make one for Thanksgiving. I kind of hate most pecan pie, though, because there’s usually a nice crispy top with all the nuts, then a weird, way too sweet, layer of goop that makes me want to die. I studied a ton of recipes, though, and did plenty of experimentation, and created a pecan pie that replaces the later of goop with a thin layer of dark chocolate. It’s amazing. This is not at all humble, but my chocolate pecan pie may be the best recipe that I’ve ever created. Get excited!
  3. Pumpkin pie. I don’t like pumpkin pie…at all. But it’s a classic, and can you even imagine a Thanksgiving dessert table without it? I’m wondering if I can update it- maybe a brownie bottom, or make a pumpkin cheesecake, or something else that is delicious and not just pumpkin. This pumpkin silk pie seems interesting. Any suggestions?
  4. Peanut Butter Banana pie. I’ve only made this guy a few times, but I think this particular crowd will appreciate it- and mostly, I’m just looking for any opportunity to make it again.
  5. And this last spot….is a wildcard pie. Should I do a berry pie? Key lime pie? Grasshopper pie? Boston cream pie (not a pie at all, actually)?

So, what are you making for Thanksgiving dessert? Alternately, what are your favorite pie recipes? I’d love to get a few more ideas before I have to narrow down my last pie option!

  • I would volunteer to eat any of the above!

  • Blair

    Try Bannofee pie! It’s a combo of Banana and Toffee! Just google it for a recipe.