Boo Baskets

Friends! Life lately has been nuts- tons of travel, lots of cooking, growing our business, promotions at my real job, networking and development conferences, and statistics….oh, my stats class this semester. Suffice it to say, there hasn’t been a ton of down time recently and I’ve pretty much failed at celebrating autumn (save for my massive apple consumption).

Boo baskets 2

One thing I really love to do each fall, that I absolutely would not let slip by the wayside, is Boo Baskets. I was in a job a few years ago that was pretty miserable- the work was menial and our boss was less than stellar. What made it totally bearable, though, is the fact that I worked with a pretty amazing group of people, and we excelled in boosting our own moral. One of the things that we did was Boo Baskets- every year, someone would secretly put a Halloween treat basket on a desk with a cute poem attached, and your instructions were to pay it forward to another co-worker or two. I loved, loved, loved getting these baskets, because it was always a bit of a surprise to see one pop up, and we were always sure to include everyone.

Boo basketsNow that I’m in a new job, I’ve kept this tradition going for two years. I’m about two weeks late (I like to start at the beginning of the month) but this morning I stopped by the grocery for some supplies- I use a mix of Halloween candy and some other fun things, like cookie cutters, mini candles, and fun toys. I packed everything into trick-or-treat buckets, printed out my poem (there are several that can be found here that are sweet), and set these in front of a few offices of new staff members. I’m hoping they follow the instructions and keep this going, but even if they don’t, at least I surprised a few people this holiday!

What about you all- does anyone else do a fun Halloween celebration? I know the winter holidays are the most regularly celebrated, but I’ll take any seasonal fun I can get!