Rewiring the Pineapple Lamp

One day, not so long ago, I was wandering around a thrift store, which is something that I never, ever do- I’m just not one of those fabulous people who locate secret treasure because, frankly, I don’t have the patience to sift through things for hours on end. But I had some time between calling in my Chinese takeout order and actually picking it up, so I ended up in a thrift store. I was the type of hungry when you’re very easily influenced, so when the clerk told me that lamps were an extra 50% off that day, I immediately gravitated to the lamp section. Ten minutes later I walked out the door, $4 poorer but richer by one brass pineapple lamp with a terrible yellow cord.

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 10 After I finished eating, I realized how hideous the lamp was (and surprisingly heavy!) but I still kind of liked the pineapple shaped base. The lamp wasn’t functional, however, so if I wanted to use it as anything other than an interesting piece of art, I knew that a trip to the hardware store was in order. I was a bit intimidated at the idea of rewiring my lamp, but was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it is! Here’s what I did:

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 1First, I unplugged the lamp and gathered some supplies. I got a new cord (clear, 12 feet) and a three-way socket (I like the lighting options) from the hardware store. I also grabbed some gold spray paint, because that brass was a bit much for me. Since my lamp didn’t come with a shade, I picked up a new one at Target. Then, I assembled my tools (screw driver and pliers) and got to work.

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 2

Then I disassembled my lamp. There’s a convenient ‘press’ marker on the shell- when you press there, it’s easy to remove the shell from the socket.

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 3With the shell off, you can simply slide the socket out of the base. The wires are attached by the screws on the socket- turn the screws to the left, and the wires should release.

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 4Once the wires were detached from the socket, all I had to do was pull the old yellow wires out through the whole in the back. This is when I spray painted my base, so I didn’t have to worry about protecting the wires or the socket. Then I used a razor blade to remove the felt circle on the bottom, so that I could feed the new (clear) wires back through the neck of the lamp.

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 5 I fed the wire through the neck of the lamp and the socket cap, and then tightened the screw on the neck so the socket cap was secured to the lamp. I tied the two wires in an underwriters knot, as instructed by the directions that came with the new socket.

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp6 Next, I used my pliers to strip a bit of the insulation from each wire, and bent each into a partial circle. I looped the wires around each screw on the socket, per the included instructions, and then tightened each screw down to secure the wires.

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 7I twisted the wires into the base and covered the socket with the shell, pressing the shell firmly into place. Just like that, I had a lamp!

Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 8 I added the lamp shade, screwed in the bulb and plugged it in. Full disclosure- the first time I tried to turn the lamp on, it didn’t work and I was heartbroken. I was sure that I had made an error with the electrical portion! Fortunately, though, I was able to diagnose the problem as a faulty bulb- I next bulb I put it in worked perfectly. So now we have this kind of awesome lamp, and I feel like an electrical ninja- success!Rewiring Pumpkin Lamp 9

  • Katie

    Wow, what a cool find. And you are awesome for rewiring it! Very impressed here! 🙂