Friday Five: Bucket List Review and Setting Autumn Goals

Welp, friends- it’s October. That means that it’s time to evaluate my Summer Bucket List-ish, and establish some Autumn Goals. First, let’s see how things shook out for summer:

  1. Eat fresh, seasonal food: Yes! My tacos are always inspired by seasonal protein the produce, and I’m especially proud of the Chipotle Cherry Salsa that I made! I also used those cherries in my Almond Ice Cream. We also did some delish Roasted Veggie Quesadillas, a Summer Chopped Salad, Grilled Pizzas, Pico and Gauc, Bourbon Peach Pie Ice Cream, Stuffed Poblano Peppers, and Hatch Chili Tomatilla Salsa. Pretty much, we killed it in the fresh food department.
  2. Do something creative: huh. You know, this goal was less successful. I bet I did creative things- I mean, I photographed my sweet niece a lot, right? And I went to a Wine and Canvas event, so there’s that. Yesterday’s gallery wall counts as creative, too, I think. So, yeah, I did a few creative things…perhaps not as much as I may have planned, though.
  3. Keep moving: Hey, remember when I did a month of yoga, and then wrote about how much I love the blog/website/youtube channel Yoga With Adriene? Yep- that was pretty much it. At the end of July I rolled up my yoga mat and called it a day. I still walk Howie, but I’m going to mark this one as having room for improvement.
  4. Home improvement: this one is actually a fail. The gallery wall, okay, and we actually did a ton of work on the landscaping. But I really thought we would renovate the master bath– I even made a project management schedule. Then I realized that it would be a lot of work and require some serious funds. Since we were short on both time and money…this one got the pause button. BUT! I have a plan for resurfacing our fireplace, finishing our powder room, doing a light dining room update, and then maybe thinking about the master bath. So- stay tuned.
  5. Date my husband: win! We didn’t do any of the creative date ideas we planned, but I’m feeling pretty satisfied in this department.

I feel pretty okay about that- I wish we had been more productive with our house, and that I had kept on the yoga train, but overall I had such an amazing summer! Reviewing those goals and some other things that are going on, I was able to make a list of things I hope to do this fall- check it out!

Friday Five Autumn Goals

  1. Get moving! I’m thinking another yoga challenge is in order, and I’m hoping to fit in two 5ks before December. Hopefully these things motivate me to be a little more active this quarter!
  2. Relax– fall starts a really crazy time. Right now I’m taking eight credit hours for my master’s, on top of a new promotion at work that has me a little frazzled. Add that to all of the impending holiday activities, and things are bound to stay a little frantic. This fall, then, I hoping to make my down time a priority- relaxing with wine, a good book, my husband, or just a nap. No matter how I do it, I need to build in some time to chill out.
  3. Have more friendship– this can be so hard for us! Between my evening classes, and Evan’s work schedule, and all of the other various obligations that come up, we end up putting our friendships last in the list of things. This fall, I really want to increase the time that we spend with friends, even if that means shifting a few things around. After all, if not now, when?
  4. Home renovationsthe bathroom, yes, but you can also read the list of things that are on my mind above. We had such great plans for our space when Evan and I bought this house three years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long already!). I think it’s important that we get back on track with our plans to create a space that we really love, and that works for us. Otherwise, we’re going to be five years into this thing and wonder what happened.
  5. Our shop– Evan and I opened a tiny little etsy shop to sell the month-by-month onesies that we usually gift to people, but we’d love to expand it! Right now we have plans to add some pacifier leashes, burp cloths, and muslin swaddling blankets. We’ve also worked on wedding handlerchiefs and some monogrammed shorts, and I’d love to get a better source for those items so we can include them as well. Aside from product development, we also need to work on our record keeping and marketing…so, overall business development goals.

Whew- those are some lofty goals for the next three months! Just so I feel better, tell me what types of things you all are looking to take on?

  • Katie

    You guys are so organized! Honestly we are just erratic… home improvements, vacation plans, etc are all planned and done with an “we should do that at some point, we should do it soon and OMG we need to do it now!!” urgency.

    I guess we just check in every so often about major life plans and then the monthly stuff just falls in somehow.