Gallery Wall Arrangement

I know, I know…every designer will likely tell me that gallery walls have jumped the shark, and the trend is dying- and that’s fine! The reality of my life, though, is that I absolutely adore displaying photos of people having a good time. Right now, those photos are in frames on nearly any flat surface I can find- my mantle, kitchen counter, vanity space, entertainment center, side tables and, perhaps most irritatingly, the half walls that separate the main entrance from the living room. Those particular photos get knocked off every single time I rush into the house with my bag over my shoulder, or when guests are leaning to put their shoes on, or when Howie climbs over the arm of the sofa to greet someone.

GAllary Wall #1Well, no more, my friends! No more. Last week I embarked on the surprisingly difficult challenge of creating a gallery wall for our entrance space. TJ Maxx had pre-made gallery wall set of frames for sale, so I picked that up and used it in addition to about nine other frames that I had. Step one was tracing each frame and cutting out those templates from a roll of brown paper- I wanted to be sure my arrangement would fit the space I had.

Gallary Wall #3Once the templates were arranged on the wall, I laid out the correct frames on the floor. I understand that these are usually two separate methods (floor arrangement v. template arrangement) but for some reason, I needed the combination. I rearranged the frames on the floor until I found an arrangement I liked that fit within the original space parameters.

Gallary Wall #4Next, I measured my floor arrangement, and used painters tape a mark out the space that I would need. I wanted the grouping to be centered on the wall and remain compact, so this step was important to me. Then, I started cutting up the role of industrial Velcro into narrow strips. I decided to use Velcro because the gallery is located in such a high-travel area- I wanted to be able to take the photos off the wall to change them, but didn’t want them to get bumped off when people walk past, the way they might if they were hanging on a wall.

Gallary Wall #5Once I had my Velcro in place (soft side on the frames, scratchy side would be on the wall) I hung the corner frames. I decided to go from the outside-in when I hung them, so that I could adjust spacing as needed. I had more space than I thought I would, so I added a few more 4×6 frames. I still think that they are a little far apart for my liking- I might adjust those left photos, or the two matted ones in the center. For now, though, I’m so happy with this arrangement! I love the black and white theme, and I’m so happy to finally have these frames off my flat spaces 🙂

Gallary Wall 6