After the Wedding: A Symbolic Moment

Bees: I’m so happy to be back on the blog! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on a moment on our wedding day that really conveys who McGlovin and I are as a couple, even now- almost two years later. I hope you’ll share a memory or object of your own in the comments 🙂


While there are so many awesome memories from our wedding floating around in my head, one moment that really shines through is at our reception, when we were dancing the polka. A polka might not have necessarily been my first suggestion for our wedding reception, but it’s a tradition in McGlovin’s family and was a fun break from “Call Me Maybe”.


So the accordion music started playing. McGlovin and I led the way, and after a few bars we realized that the dance floor was relatively empty. We split up and began to draw more people into the party- I recall grabbing my sister’s boyfriend and explaining the rhythm, and he picked up pretty quickly! We danced a few rounds, then I brought my sister in to join him and I found another partner to teach. I’m not sure how many people I brought on to the dance floor, but when McGlovin and I found each other at the end of a few songs, the dance floor was packed with all of our friends and family, clumsy with the timing but vibrant with enthusiasm.


The polka moment is a sweet memory from our wedding day, sure, but it’s also a really great example of what makes our relationship work for us. McGlovin and I are great together- we have common goals and aspirations, and I like to think that we make a great team. But we’re also pretty independent people, and that’s such an important part of our personalities to honor! We like to work towards our goals by setting our shared expectations, then splitting up and working to achieve them separately.


Just as we worked separately to pack our dance floor, so to do we employ a divide-and-conquer method to our lives. McGlovin and I frequently check in about short and long term goals- we do weekly reviews on the weekend to plan meals and date nights, monthly reviews to plan our commitments, seasonal bucket lists, and annual long term discussions. Some items up for discussion are really important and thoughtful, like financial planning and baby timelines.  Many of our plans, though, are really casual day-to-day items- who is going to update our Etsy shop (me) or who will handle outdoor landscaping things (him).


Our style isn’t for everyone- I know that many people aren’t necessarily planners the way we are, and many others really don’t prefer such a high degree of independence. But for the Gloves, it’s the best way to keep us happy and cohesive and functioning as an awesome team. And it’s really comforting to think that we’ve been executing this strategy right from the start!

What about you, bees- what part of your wedding day subtly describes who you are, as a couple? Aside, you know…the wedding 🙂

  • I love your idea of a weekly and monthly review. We sort of do that, but I’d love to be more organized about it. Any tips?