Friday Five: Autumn Preserving

So, I may have mentioned previously- I adore autumn! A recent Buzzfeed article confirmed that this makes me a ‘Basic White Girl’, but I absolutely could not care less what stereotype I’m fulfilling. As soon as I start to have a preference for hoodies over tanks, and light candles rather than bonfires, I’m in my own personal bliss. So, we’re here!


One of the things I love about fall is that it’s time for stocking up on all the delicious food available during the warmer months, and preserving it to last through winter. That might make me sound like a pioneer, but to be honest, I feel like such a pioneer when I preserve thins! Granted, I’m preserving food with a gas stove, and likely utilizing blenders and freezers, but still…I feel so insanely productive whenever I can or freeze something delicious to be used later.

On that note, today’s five are items that I am so looking forward to preserving over the next few weeks! Chime in below with what you’re planning to preserve, or maybe what you wish you could preserve!

  1. Sweet jam. Ohio had a weird growing season this year, so we’re only now exhausting our fruit crops. This weekend, I’m looking forward to making a few small batches of peach, or maybe raspberry jam to enjoy in the middle of winter, when locally grown fruit will be only a distant memory.
  2. Savory jam. Yep…I love savory jam! I’m thinking tomato marmalade, or caramelized onion jam, or jalepeno jelly? I don’t really know what makes these jams, rather than chutneys or anything else, but believe that I’m looking into it. Earlier this year, Evan had a Mac & Cheese Sandwich that also featured a spicy tomato marmalade. I’m thinking that a similar spread would be great on a grilled cheese with sharp cheddar and bacon…noms!
  3. Roasted tomatoes. I don’t love making tomato sauce to can, because I think it’s actually a bit cumbersome. What I do like to do, though, is roast tomatoes for a while in a hot oven until they get a bit dehydrated and a tiny bit charred, then can those. With very little effort, delicious Ohio tomatoes can be a part of our meals for the next few months!
  4. Pesto! This one won’t be canned, obviously, but now is the perfect time to finish off the basil crop by turning it into pesto and freezing. And, seriously- there’s nothing like the taste of fresh basil in the middle of winter.
  5. Applesauce. This one makes the most sense for the season, I know 🙂 I’ve made applesauce before, and used a food mill to press the flesh from the skins. This year I’m thinking of leaving the skins on and blending- we’ll see how that turns out. Definitely not my grandma’s method, but it might have a little fiber, and I think it should freeze pretty well.

So, stay tuned! We’re probably going to have some preserving posts coming up in short order, and I promise to let you know about our successes, and the failures 🙂