What I’m Reading: Current Events

Welcome to today’s edition of What I’m Reading. I usually post reviews of the various books I read in my leisure time, and that post is definitely in the works for all the books that I read this summer. Today, though, I wanted to check regarding current events. I had to follow a lot of domestic and international news throughout my undergraduate career, and that’s a habit that has carried over into adulthood. The problem, though, is that there is so much happening right now that it can be hard to get a handle on all of the situations that people are talking about.

What I'm reading

So, although it’s a bit more serious than my usual blog posts, I decided to do a round-up of some of the more interesting articles that I’ve read lately. Some topics are international in nature- things like Ukraine’s struggle with Russia, Scotland potentially separating from Great Britain, ISIS. Some topics are domestic- Ferguson, the NFL controversy. And some things are not so depressing- a comprehensive list of soup recipes, for example, and the Pope’s suggestions for being a happier person.

So check it out, click around and read a few articles, and expand your horizons, if you’re so inclined!

–          The Pope’s 10 tips for coming a happier person are really spot on, no matter what your stance on religion is. And there’s a baby goat on his shoulders!

–          People are questioning the motives for the NFL’s selective choice in punishments for players behavior, and this article suggests that the organization’s real concern is sponsorship

–          On a related note, the NFL Players Association, on behalf of Ray Rice, is appealing his suspension. Evan and I have been talking about this, because he didn’t actually break any NFL rules that were in place when it occurred, but that video does not sugar coat. This gives rise to a lot of questions, like is this case being given more legal attention than it normally would? And can you punish an employee retroactively? And, if the Commissioner really did see the video months ago, what the hell else is going on?

–          Israel hasn’t been the focus of international news for a few weeks, but a few weeks ago the only press it was getting was bad press. Here’s a different perspective, written by a former AP correspondent…you may be surprised by apparent media bias.

–          This article has incited a fair amount of controversy- many world leaders are quick to remind the public that terrorist acts and, more specifically, ISIL, is not Islamic, and this scholar suggests that just because these acts are disagreeable to many does not mean that they aren’t undertaken by a sect of the religion. Heavy, but interesting.

–          Soup! This delicious compilation from the Huffington Post includes the recipes for 100 soups and stews- and had photos. Nom!

–          I get a little apprehensive when I feel like topics have been ‘dumbed down’ but this article is actually a really comprehensive look at the history if the Middle East, particularly Iraq. It’s tough to summarize that quantity of information and make it relevant, but it’s a really good read if you need a primer on the region.

–          Pretty much every time I think about Ukraine (and the country has been on my mind heavily since March, when Russia annexed Crimea) I cannot even fathom how Vladmir Putin has managed to wreak so much havoc. In an interesting change, this article suggests that not only should the West have anticipated the Ukrainian crisis, but that the West is also responsible for the crisis– and the author makes a pretty compelling case.

There’s so much more to read, just to keep up with things! But there are the most notable articles that I’ve browsed in the past week or so. What’s caught your eye in current events, lately?