Southwestern Omelets

Friends! We spent the past week at Hilton Head, enjoying an end-of-summer vacation and it was truly glorious. I got to spend six full days reading books and watching two of my favorites frolic in the waves. And when we returned to Ohio, we learned that fall had arrived in our absence- best surprise ever!


Anyway, now it’s back to our regular programming and that means Taco Tuesday (see also: anything that feels inspired by Tex Mex). Today we have a Southwestern inspired omelet. I love omelets because they’re a great multi-purpose meal- they are totally customizable, so Evan can have his meat heavy version, and I can have a more veggie or creative version, and we’re both satisfied with our dinners.

South Western Omelet

Some people think that omelets are difficult, or too fancy to do themselves, but that’s so wrong! With a non-stick skillet, and a little patience, anyone can have these super delicious and filling omelets on the table in no time. Here’s my method.

 Southwestern Omelets

–          6 oz chorizo
–          ¼ onion
–          ½ red pepper
–          1 cup frozen hashbrowns
–          ¼ cup shredded Monterey cheese
–          4 eggs
–          2 tbsp milk or cream
–          Pico de gallo

Prepare your filling: Dice the onion and pepper to similar sizes. In a 8”-10” non-stick skillet, brown the chorizo for about five minutes, or until mostly cooked. Stir in the peppers and onion, and add the potatoes. Cover and cook for about five minutes; stir, re-cover and cook for five minutes more. Taste the potatoes to make sure that they are both cooked through, and salted well (the chorizo should have taken care of this, though). If the potatoes need more time, continue to cook and check in two minute intervals. Once the potatoes are done, transfer the filling to a separate bowl, and clean the skillet.

Southwestern Omelet 2

Prepare the omelet: Heat your pan to medium heat. If you need to err on one side or the other, heat to a medium-low, rather than a medium-high. Crack two eggs into a bowl and scramble, using half of the milk. Add some lubricating fat to your hot pan (I like spray, but butter or bacon grease are also great). Then, add the eggs. Allow them to cook for a few seconds, then push the outsides to the center, and rotate the pan to coat completely with the raw eggs. I like to over my omelets at this point, and let them cook for a minute and a half to two minutes. (TOTALLY OPTIONAL: I’m manic about cooking eggs. So, at this point I always make sure that the eggs are completely solid, and then flip the omelet. Using a nonstick skillet and some spray, and having a ton of practice, this is pretty easy for me. If you’d like, give it a try! Practice will make perfect.) Once the eggs are set, apply half of the filling to half of the omelet. Sprinkle with half of the cheese, and add pico de gallo as desired. Fold the top half over, and serve with potatoes and extra pico. Repeat with the other half of the ingredients, and you have a delicious dinner for two!

  • Jennifer Walker

    Agree, Omelets make fabulous meals–and are great for when you’re pressed for time, too. (As the husband found out last night when he had to work later than planned…) I tend to go with the more classic omelet style of adding the fillings before the center is fully set and rolling it onto the plate so it ends up folded in thirds, but I also prefer my eggs a little loose, as well.