Product Review: Dagne Dover

Guys, I have found my work tote.

No kidding, finding a bag that meets the needs of a working lady is rough. I spend my bus time every day looking at bags that are fraying and sad, or stained and beat up, or chic and tiny (necessitating a three-bag-situation) or are huge and disorganized (I’m looking at you, Kate Spade baby bag that used to be my best option). But last week, finally, I found my new bag- and she’s perfect.

Whats in my dagne

Ok, the bag to end my search is a Dagne Dover tote. Dagne Dover is a small company that I can really get behind. The foundingĀ ladies set out to create a bag that is functional for women that need their bag to do work. It’s big, so you can forget about carrying around multiple bags to take you from work, to the gym, to dinner. It’s super organized- there are at least seven organizational features including a laptop pocket, tablet pocket, phone pocket, a zipped section, a water bottle holder, pen spots and a key leash. And it’s sturdy- the material is coated canvas, so it can stand up to some use, and be wiped clean in case of any spills or smears. In short- I love it, and can’t wait to add more Dagne pieces to my collection.

You can check out my photo above of everything that my Dagne holds, and then take a peek at my video review, below. If you have questions, ask away- I’m still breaking in my bag, but I’d love to offer perspective!

Please note, I was absolutely not compensated in any way for this review, I just love to share products that make my life awesome!

  • dagnedover

    Great video! Thanks for the love, Erin!!

  • Jennifer Walker

    I tried the one big bag thing for a while and it just ended up putting way too much stress on my shoulder on the day-to-day, plus having to switch to a smaller purse for those times I just don’t need everything with me. I’m content with my 3 bags (smallish purse, insulated lunch tote, and messenger bag) and not having to switch things around so much.

    But the Dagne bag does look fabulous!

  • Kelly Hannah

    Is that lunch container from easylunchboxes?? I need one like that! Also, the bag is beautiful! Love the color!!

  • Courtney

    I heard from someone with this bag that the handles cracked. Did that happen to you?

    • Erin

      You know, I heard that the handles cracked on the previous version, but I haven’t experienced that. What I did notice, though, is that one of my handles is starting to tear away from the bag a tiny bit. It’s odd, since it’s only on one side. I reached out to their excellent customer service and they’ve been perfectly accommodating, so that’s great news!

  • M

    Is your laptop 15.6″ inches
    or larger and does it fit in the laptop sleeve?

    • Erin

      My laptop is 13″, but it fits with plenty of extra room. My sister has a tote and a 17 inch laptop- she puts the laptop in the center, and uses the laptop sleep for files and notebooks. So, either way, a 15.6″ laptop would work with the bag, but I can’t confirm completely that it would fit in the sleeve as designed. I’m sorry! On the other hand, DD’s customer service is amazing,so I’m sure they would take the return with no problem if it didn’t work out the way you would prefer!