Taco Tuesday: Pico de Gallo and Guacamole

Friends, as I looking inspiration for future Taco Tuesdays it occurred to me that, although I make them constantly, I’ve never shared recipes for Pico de Gallo or Guacamole. I guess that since they are so familiar to me, I assume that everyone knows how to make them. When I started to add ‘pico’ as one of my ingredients in a recipe, though, I realized that not everyone is as obsessed with eating Mexican-ish food, and perhaps is not familiar with how to make them.

Guac and pico  So, here I am today, using Taco Tuesday to share my two favorite accompaniments to tacos and things- pico de gallo and guacamole. My versions are very basic, and you’ll find that the only real difference between the two is that one uses chopped tomatoes while the other uses smashed avocados. For full disclosure- when Evan is on duty, I just make these recipes and consume them on chips and call it dinner. Other times, when I’m being a member of polite society, I serve them before dinner at parties to stave off the starving masses. So- perfect for all situations!

Guac and pico2

Pico de Gallo and Guacamole

–          2 jalapeno peppers
–          1 small red onion
–          1 bunch of cilantro
–          2 limes
–          1 avocado
–          2 good sized tomatoes
–          Kosher salt

Prepare your ingredients: Slice the jalapenos in half, lengthwise. If you’re like me and a bit heat sensitive, remove the seeds and the membrane. Mince incredibly finely. Similarly, mince the onion very finely (also, as an aside: it’s really hard to describe onion quantities, since they vary so much in size. For reference, I prefer to use roughly the same amount of onion as I have peppers). Take a bunch of cilantro and chop an inch or so, so that you have around quarter cup of chopped leaves. Slice each lime in half. For the avocado, Slice through the skin, around the pit, and twist to open. Use a large knife and whack the pit, so that the blade sticks in the pit; twist to remove from the fruit, and disgard by flinging forcefully, ideally towards the trash can. Dice the tomatoes into small cubes.

Pico de GalloPrepare the pico: in a mixing bowl, add half of the peppers, onions and cilantro, and all of the diced tomato. Juice a lime over top, sprinkle with salt, and stir to combine. Set aside for a bit to meld flavors.

GuacPrepare the guac: In a mixing bowl, remove the flesh of the avocado with a spoon, and mash with a fork. Add the juice of one lime, and mix until it reached your desired consistency (I like mine a bit chunky, many people prefer smooth- choose what suits you best!). Add the other half of the peppers, onion and cilantro, sprinkle generously with salt, and stir to combine. Enjoy!

***some notes on guacamole: I use an incredibly basic recipe, but always add things to it- grilled corn, pineapple, red peppers, etc. So play around, and let your imagination and taste buds guide you! One thing I never add, though, is garlic- it’s so pungent when it’s raw, and I think it takes over the flavor of everything. I love garlic, and I know it’s a controversial stance, but I cannot abide by garlicky guacamole.

What are your thoughts on garlic, or other favorite flavor additions? Anything inspired?