Grilled Pizzas

Friends, it seems odd, but pizza is far and away one of my favorite things to grill! And it could not be easier- grill dough for a few minutes, add some topping, return to the grill to melt and enjoy. I’ll admit being insanely skeptical the first time a friend suggested it, but it turned out perfectly at a party, so I decided to bring the idea home.

Grilled Pizza 2A few notes on my version: first, I outsource the dough. I’ve heard that making pizza dough is pretty easy, but its even easier for me to pick some frozen dough up from my local grocery. Second, I make my own sauce- to each her own, right? There’s just something about being able to season my own sauce (and spice it up!) that’s appealing to me. However, you feel free to sub jarred sauce for the homemade, if that’s your thing. Third, Evan and I actually eat sauce-less pizza. This is completely his influence, but apparently we’re pizza dippers. So.

Grilled Pizza 6Beyond those small things, this pizza is definitely in the fast and easy category. I think it also gets bonus points for being ‘participation food’. As I mentioned, the first time I had grilled pizza was at a party, and everyone used the toppings bar to make their own creation. Fun for kids and adults alike!

Grilled Pizza 5

Grilled Pizzas

–          2 8 oz cans tomato sauce
–          1 tsp basil
–          1 tsp oregano
–          1 tsp thyme
–          1 tsp garlic salt
–          1 tsp sugar
–          ½ tsp red pepper flakes
–          Frozen pizza dough, thawed
–          8 oz shredded mozz
–          Toppings: goat cheese, Kalamata olives, roasted garlic, grilled peppers, mushrooms, diced tomatoes

Prepare the sauce: Combine the tomato sauce and seasonings in a sauce pan, and cook on low for 10-20 minutes. You want the sauce to thicken a bit and take on a deep red color.

Prepare the toppings: Depending on what toppings you have, chop everything down to size so that it’s ready to be added to the pizza.

Prepare the dough: Make sure that you’ve thawed the dough and allowed to rise according to the instructions. Then, make sure your hands are well oiled and stretch the dough into pieces the size of a saucer (or, really, into whatever shape and size you like). Don’t worry about stretching the dough too thin- it puffs back up on the grill. Place the oiled dough in a hot grill and allow to brown lightly on each side. Once the dough has a bit of color, remove from the grill and prepare for toppings.GrilledPrepare the pizzas: you know…pile on the toppings! What I do is add a tiny spritz of olive oil, sprinkle with oregano, then a layer of mozz, then add garlic cloves, mushrooms and peppers, and a little goat cheese. Set gently back on the grill, on medium-low heat, cover and cook until the cheese is melted. This is the point where I add fresh tomatoes and maybe shredded basil, but otherwise- enjoy!