Website Recommendation: Yoga with Adriene

Well, friends- July is drawing to a close! This was really a great month, and a great start to the second half of the year. As you may know, I participated in a Blogger Challenge this month with the intention to post one each weekday…and I met that goal! Check out the links at the bottom of this post to see some of the other bloggers that also participated in this challenge.

I also took on a personal challenge this month- 30 days of yoga. I started my yoga practice in college, and through the years have fallen into and out of practice. I love yoga because it’s a bit meditative and spiritual, but it also takes dedication, perseverance and acceptance in order to have a productive practice. Also, I find it physically challenging- holding your body in various poses for several breaths is hard, and yoga flow goes fast enough to make me sweat!

Columbus has so many yoga studios, but I’ve struggled to find a studio that I love, that is close to home, and is also affordable. After taking classes around the city, I accepted defeat and turned to the internet. My YouTube results were also a bit disappointing- practices that were too short, or too impersonal, or too-aerobic-and-not-yoga-enough, or frankly, just uninspiring. And then….I found Yoga with Adriene.


Friends, I cannot possibly rave any more enthusiastically about Adriene, or her videos/YouTube channel/website. She is hilarious and encouraging, offering challenges for poses as well as modifications to make it easier, and she constantly encourages her viewers to personalize their practice, in a mission to “find what feels good.” Her website offers full length practices for beginners and advanced students, some vinyasa flow, some practices for weight loss and, amazingly, a series of videos explaining the most foundational poses– I can finally do pigeon and crow!

About halfway through July I found out that Adriene was starting another ‘challenge’– she sporadically does these challenges where you pay for an online yoga course, and you get a series of full length and shorter practices that you can download (which is surprisingly handy) and you have access to the community of other students doing this challenge, and you get an inspiring daily email. It would usually not be my style to pay for fitness videos, but honestly- this is $100 that I am thrilled to have spent. The EMPOWER series that I purchased is hard, it makes me work to finish, it’s very instructive, and I’ve done it without fail each day for the past two weeks.

So, all of this to say- if you are looking for a yoga practice, or an in home fitness routine, or even some undefined self care/me time, I encourage you to check out Yoga With Adriene. The yoga that she offers has been my personal act of self-kindness that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m stronger, leaner, more flexible, happier, calmer and, frankly, a better person that I was last month. So- give her a try.

Does anyone else have a fitness or wellness initiative that they want to shout out? I love getting recommendations, which is why I felt compelled to make the one above. What do you want to suggest?

  • Jennifer Walker

    Congrats on achieving your goal with the blogging challenge!