Friday Five: #soBlessed

Friday Five Blessed

Welcome, friends, to our weekly installment of Friday Five. This week I was a bit inspired by that post that’s making its rounds on Facebook- you know the one, asking women to post five photos that make them feel beautiful? I’m not above feeling beautiful, by any means, but I wanted to move in a slightly different direction.

#soBlessedToday, I’m posting five photos that represent some of the many blessings that make my life beautiful. Cheesy, for sure, but that’s how we roll around here- gratefully 🙂

#soBlessed Chixxx

  1. Friends! Where would we be without our family of friends,amiright? Somehow, I found an amazingly diverse, talented, witty and all around awesome group ofladies before I even went to college, and I couldn’t be more thankful for our friendships. And that’s to say nothing of the friends that I made in college or as an adult. We had our undergrad reunion weekend last month, and our group of about a dozen people realized that we still keep so well in touch, we don’t really even need an organizedweekend- we see other so often anyway! Friends, man.#soBlessed Family
  2. These guys. After a brunch on Father’s Day, one of my sisters and I asked our grandparentsto be in their firstselfie- I die at this result. Beyond my adorable grandparents, though, I’ve been pretty blessed with an awesome family. Though we have our differences (hello, who doesn’t?) it’s so nice to come from such a supportive, happy, welcomingplace- I really dig my family.#soBlessed Egypt
  3. I truly believe that travel has played a huge role in shaping my life. I spent eighteen years living in Midwest USA, then took a semester in Hawaii, a semester in Egypt, travelled a bit of the Mideast and haven’t stopped exploring since then. When we travel, I like to choose destinations that make me atiny bit uncomfortable; after all, how can you grow unless you constantly test the bounds of your comfort zone? I’m constantly thankful to have the resources in my life to enable this exploration.#soBlessed Howie
  4. My sweet Howard Winston. Though Howie looks relatively low key in this photo, he has personality to spare. This is a dog that is a little irritated when you wake him up in the morning and asks to climb back under your covers and sleep some more. He doesn’t like to give you the satisfaction of eating his treats when you give them, but prefers to hide them around the house to discover later. He is a master of judgmental glances, but adores being dressed in jammies. He also likes to participate in yoga, by either taking over the mat, or climbing up to your face when you’re in tricky poses. In short, Howie is puppy perfection.

    1-#soBlessed Wedding
  5. And finally- this guy. This marriage, maybe. I am so grateful for the relationship that Evan and I have built over the last six years. Respectful, supportive, hardworking, hilarious- I won’t go on, but I think it’s clear how much I appreciate Evan. What a great man 🙂

    So, what makes your life beautiful? Promise, I won’t judge you if your answer includes coffee or ice cream!

  • I totally agree- the best type of travel makes me a little uncomfortable or takes me out of my comfort zone in some way! Also, your grandparents are adorable!

    • Erin

      Aren’t they? Also, did I just see an Egypt post on some of your social media? If so, I have lots of tips! I was there for a few months, and it was amazing 🙂