Strawberry Banana Nutella Tart

Guys, it’s a summer Polar Vortex. I don’t know what your weather looks like, but Central Ohio is looking pretty grey and bleary, and is unseasonably chilly. And I’ve had a crazy week, so I just want to change into yoga pants and snuggle with Howie. And also, I need some dessert. And also, I don’t feel like being at all productive.

IMG_5388 You can see where I am in life, right now.

Anyway, recently I just wanted dessert, but I didn’t want anything standard like ice cream or brownies. And I wanted chocolate, but also fruit. And I didn’t really feel like putting out a supreme effort. I reviewed to contents of my kitchen and realized that this Nutella tart was absolutely my solution- nothing has ever been easier. Check it out!

Nutella Tart 2 Fruit Nutella Tart

–          1 sheet puff pastry
–          1 jar Nutella (I used an off brand, and it was perfect)
–          Sliced fruit (I love Nutella with bananas and strawberries)

Step one: spread the tart into whatever pan you can find, and ideally up the sides of the pan, to create a lip for the Nutella. Pierce all over with a fork, to prevent air bubbles, and bake as instructed on your packaging.

Step two: spread Nutella. This step can conveniently occur immediately after removing the pastry from the over, or after it cooks. No rules here, friends. Do think about using the entire jar, though- I thought it would be too much….it’s not.

Step three: top with sliced fruit. You can make it look all fancy, with concentric circles, if you like. Or just chop it up and drop it on, and call it artistic.

Step four: Consume immediately. This sounds a little melodramatic, but I’d try to eat it within an hour or so of assembling. A) it’s delicious, and there’s no reason to withhold, but b) the fruit can get a little weepy and Nutella doesn’t love the extra liquid.

Nutella TartSo good, friends, and so easy. Perfect for brunch…and any other time.

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  • Katie

    Sooo pretty! It looks gorgeous. 🙂 We have some freezer GF puff pastry available… maybe I could make this for my in-laws this weekend!

  • That looks SO good! Want, want want!