Friday Five: Small Bathroom Inspiration

Here’s something I’ve recently been thinking about- Evan and I moved into our home almost three years ago, and we have never showered in our master bathroom. The thing is, our house had wallpaper in nearly every room, including the master bath. We removed it and painted most rooms, but we never go around to repainting the bath. It’s just the two of us (three while Shannon lived here) and we have another full bath, and we just used that.

Friday Five BathroomWell, the time has come, my friends! In my Summer Bucket List, I declared that some sort of home improvement was in order, and it’s going to be a renovation of the master bath. I’ll share photos and specific inspiration as we get more into it, but for now I’m using my Friday Five to showcase some of my favorite small bathroom ideas.

  1. Strategic shelving and storage. Our bathroom istiny- like, I can touchall of the walls (well, three walls and the shower door) standing in one place. There’s absolutely no space to store anything, especially once we install a pedestal sink (to be fair, our current vanity is 18” wide, soits not like we’re eliminating a ton of storage anyway). I love the idea of wall shelving, but worry that it will really clutter up the space. So, I’m proposing glass shelves, which look less bulky, and utilizing baskets to corral our junk.

  2. Towel solutions. TOWELS TAKE UP SO MUCH SPACE! And there really is no space for them, especially the fluffy oversized towels I love so much. So I have a fewideas- first, a series of towel bars (maybe three) spaced vertically on the call outside the shower, like the pic above. Or, maybe two rows of hooks…I really think hooks are more efficient in drying towels anyway. Or, maybe a shelf situation like you see in hotels, so we can stack clean towels on top, and hang damp towels to dry below. Any of these would be fine, but I’m very serious about dedicating asignificant amount of our limited wall real estate to housing our towels.

  3. Art. I love seeing art in thebathroom- it makes it feel more relaxing and welcoming. We have a window that takes up a fair amount of our wall space, but I’d love to somehow include some framed prints. Maybe, if we do shelves above the toilet, we could make some space for photos there? Or a plant?

  4. Alternative medicine cabinets. Our housewas built in the 60s, and the bathroom features agood sized medicine cabinet, but it’s insanely shallow and doesn’t hold things the way I’d like while also allowing the door to close, and the items that it does hold come tumbling out, because it’s so shallow. I hate it.Pinterest, however, has suggested that maybe I remove the door, re-space the shelves, and use glass ones, and use the same (or similar) tile as we use in the shower for the back of the cabinet. This is an idea I call really getbehind- the tile would be so pretty, and without the door, I can use small baskets/jars/containers to hold the essentials.Perrrrfect.

    Subway Tile

    Image Source via Pinterest

  5. Subway tiled showers. Ok, this might be trendy, but I really love glass subwaytile- I think it’s beautiful and reflects light so well.  I’ve been afraid to find pricing so far, but I would really like to use white, or grey, or light teal glass tile for the shower, and take it all the way to the ceiling. It’s the one aspect of the room that I’m really set on…and I think it will look lovely reflected in the new door free cabinet space.

What do you think? Any advice, suggestions, or guidance from anyone that has already renovated a tiny bathroom? Or, are there other awesome bathroom ideas out there that I haven’t found yet? We’ll take any and all input as we move forward with this!

  • I love that medicine cabinet idea- ours is the same as yours, always dumping it’s contents on the counter (and me!)…
    I also love subway tile (trendy as it may be)! I’m planning on doing our kitchen wall next week (it’s on my summer bucket list) and I only have a few more weeks of hiatus before heading back to work.

  • I hear you on the small bathrooms–our downstairs bath is ridiculously cramped (and the only one currently with a shower) and headed for a major rearranging but, in the mean time, we’re just trying to keep things simple.

    As much as I love the look of subway tile (trendy, yes, but it’s use goes back 100+ years, so timeless in the right tones) I don’t think we’ll add any as I hate, hate, HATE cleaning shower enclosures!

  • Love the alternative medicine cabinet! And also, why are towels so hard to store?!? Those ones hanging on the door are adorable!

  • Subway will never be trendy. Whether it’s popular or not, it’s classic. We have more options for the material these days, but I don’t think you can go wrong with it.

    BTW, if you ban bar soap from the bath/shower area, you don’t need to worry about cleaning grout with anything more than diluted bleach. I figured that out when we redid out condo bath (marble subway…mmmm…I miss it so much).

    • Erin

      Glad everyone shares the subway tile love 🙂 and, definitely good to know about the bar soap…it hadn’t occurred to me that grout cleaning would be a new chore!

  • Ohhh I love picture 4. The tiling is to. die. for. I seriously just can’t wait to finally own a home and be able to redo/decorate however we like – my Pinterest boards are overflowing with ideas! And I love the idea of alternative medicine cabinets – baskets are your friends!!