Fourth of July weekend

This weekend, man! I don’t know about you all, but somehow, my weekend turned into something very similar to Thanksgiving, where we had to visit every single person that we know in three days. We were super busy, but it was so much fun to get to see everyone!BirthdayFirst, it was my sister’s birthday. I have two sisters, and we decided to head up to a state park in Erie to relax, hand out, and maybe visit the beach. It ended up being about 65 degrees out, so the beach didn’t happen, but we still managed to pack in a ton of fun…and food.


Cake 2My youngest sister was in charge of the birthday cake, and make this amazing éclair cake. I’m sure you’ve seen it around Pinterest- it’s super delicious, and incredibly easy. I’ll definitely be tinkering with this in the future.PizzaMy middle sister, the birthday girl, brought the ingredients for fruit pizzas (we’re a sisterhood of eaters in our family). She frosted sugar cookies with fruit dip, then artfully arranged chopped fruit on top. They’re really pretty, and we like to pretend that they’re healthy since a) they aren’t made of chocolate, b) they aren’t ice cream, and c) fruit! Fruit makes it healthy.Fireworks 2That evening, we drove into New York to watch fireworks on Lake Findley. They did this gorgeous thing where all of the residences around the lake like flares, and each boat on the water had one…it was so pretty! We also somehow lucked out by getting the best seats in the house. Since our location strategy was just to get away from the crowd, this seemed pretty fortuitous- a birthday miracle!Picnic 2The next day, we drove down to our parents’ house for our 4th of July picnic. My mom, as usual, made as many sides as there were people, and at least half that many desserts. Suffice it to say, no one starved.DogsHowie, obviously, was thrilled to spend some time with his new bestie. After playing non-stop for six or so hours, he slept the entire drive home, slept in the next day, and spent most of the following day resting. And, of course, now we’re wondering if we should expand our family, so he always has a friend to play with.

GrillingWe’ve been in a pattern of going home for every celebration possible this year, and we always plan a meal and invite all of my siblings and grandparents. It’s been nice to see them so frequently, and kind of makes up for the fact that we have to rush into and out of events during Thanksgiving/Christmas.

AnnabelleAfter a picnic with my family, Ev and I made the journey back home so we could see his family and spend some time with this angel baby. She’s so darling, and she seriously never cries. I know she’s only six weeks old, but I was under the impression that babies cry for more than 30 seconds at a time. Not this one 🙂BirdsAnd finally. Yesterday I was finally getting around to weeding the back yard, since I couldn’t watch Howie through the dining window any more (why yes, our weeds were that bad). I was trimming before I pulled everything, so I could see what was what, and one time I trimmed away a patch of weeds and revealed these four babes in a nest. When I found them, their tiny triangle beaks were wide open, waiting for some dinner. I quietly took a few photos, then left them alone for the rest of the day. I was really heartbroken to not be able to weed any more (sure) but I actually also felt terrible that I disturbed them, so figured it would be best to steer clear of that area for a while. Fortunately, I can definitely see that nest through the dining room window (now that I know its there) so I’m excited to watch these tiny birds grow!           Fireworks      Whew! So our weekend was packed. What about everyone else? A whirlwind of activity, or did you get some R and R?

  • Definitely jealous of the temps for your weekend–a good 30 degrees cooler than we had it!

  • That sounds like an awesome weekend! Especially all the food. 😉

  • This looks like a great (albeit) busy weekend! I love those birthday candles and am very intrigued by making a “healthy” fruit pizza now. Like right NOW. Breakfast is calling…

  • Mmm. That eclair cake is calling my name! Looks like a fun (and delicious) weekend!!

  • We were crazy, too. Non-stop painting, yardwork, cleaning, then parties. It was a great, long weekend. 🙂

  • I want to hang out with your family, I love holidays with lots of yummy foods! And my sister has a bichon shitzu about Howie’s size and he is always exhausted after big get together’s too. He’ll sleep for days after one day of playing! My McKenna on the other hand, doesn’t seem to tire out as easily, haha.

    • Erin

      lol- McKenna doesn’t seem that big, even! Evan keeps saying he wants a bigger dog, but I keep reminding him that Howie’s size plays a huge role in how easy he is to take care of 🙂

  • Aw, that’s nice that you left the birds well alone. And yay for baby time. I love visiting babies. 😀 Sounds like a great weekend to me!