Patriotic Burlap Wreath

What a great day it is, just before a long weekend! You know, having a Friday off is really so much nicer than having a Mondayoff- either way, it makes for afour day week, but I think Friday vacations feel like a reward for completing the week.

Patriotic Wreath 4
Today I have a quick post to show you the burlap wreath that Shannon and I made the other evening while we were watching TV. You’ve probably seen a few of these on Pinterest, and I’m here to tell you that they’re super easy, took maybe thirty minutes, and turned out great (in my opinion).
Patriotic Wreath 3
This post has some photos of the process, but the technique is simple: you push loops of burlap through the gaps in a wire wreath frame. (It’s only in the past year that I’ve learned that burlap comes in rolls, and colors…apparently I don’t frequent the craft stores as often as I ought to.) I was a little hesitant about how to start, so I just left about six inches of burlap hanging. When I got to the end of the color, I just tucked the end in on itself where, due to the coarse texture, it stayed. To do the red and white part, I just alternated between a row of red and a row of white loops, and didn’t cut anything until the end.
Patriotic Wreath 2
The wreath was lovely with just burlap, but I wanted some stars to finish it. I picked up a small package of dye-cut wooden stars for less than five dollars, stained them with some left over stain, and used hot glue to attach them. I think they could use a little sparkle, but I haven’t committed to anything yet- I might touch them up with some gold paint in the future.
Patriotic Wreath
Anyway, that’s the extent of our patriotic decorations so far- what do you think? Also, are you all decorating your homes for the holiday? Inside, or just outside? I know that Pinterest has tons of idea, but I like to know what real people are doing, too!
  • That wreath is gorgeous. I want to try and make a Christmas one!