Friday Five: Care Packages

You know that I’m a note card writer, and keep a huge stash of notecards handy in case I have the urge to reach out to someone. Well, sometimes a card isn’t enough. Especially lately, I’ve really noticed that many of the people I care about are really far away from me! Some temporarily, for internships, but some people have relocated permanently, and I really miss seeing their bright smiling faces. I’ve been thinking about ways to remind them how important they are to me, and I’ve reach a conclusion- this will be the summer of care packages!

Care Packages

Nothing too crazy, of course- I’m not independently wealthy. I think that there are a few staples that everyone on my list will enjoy, so here are five things that will be part of my base package:

UD Tervis

  1. Logo cup. I love a 24 ounce University of Dayton Tervis cup for keeping hydrated throughout the day, so one of the two larger Tervis’s, with an appropriate logo, with probably be the base of my summer care packages. Bonus for getting them 20% off at Bed, Bath and Beyond!
  2. Gummy snacks. Gummy foods travel well, and I’ve never met a person that didn’t like Sour Patch kids. There’s also Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, and these really amazing gummy butterflies from my local Market District- they’re pretty incredible.
  3. Gift card! Moving can be expensive, and everyone could use some extra dollars. For the people I’m thinking of now, I bet they would love Starbucks or Chipotle giftcards, for a nice little treat. I could also do Target, but that somehow seems more impersonal…as though a giftcard really has levels of personality. iTunes might also be fun, now that I think of it!Vaseline-Lip-Therapy-Rosy-Lips
  4. Lip balm! It’s summer, and everyone could use a nice lipbalm with some SPF. Yes, I know this is really mom-ing, but I can really never get enough tubes of Burts Bees- they’re stashed everywhere! I am also kind of addicted to this mini Vaseline that I’ve started using, though- it’s supremely moisturizing.
  5. Lastly, something personal. Maybe some fun candles for a friend who will have a birthday while they are away this summer, or a framed photo for my sister, or something covered with OSU to make a fellow Buckeye feel at home, or a book for someone who needs something to do, or something baby related for my new niece. Just something to say, ‘Hi, I was really thinking about you!’.

So that’s it- my five items for summer care packages. As I was typing, I started thinking about all of the people who I could send these to—looks like the post office might get a fair amount of business this summer. If you were getting a friendly package, what would you hope to find inside?