Friday Five: Summer Bucket List…ish

You know, I love a good to-do list (as my overused Evernote and apps clearly show) but I have not been able to embrace bucket lists. I’m the sort of efficient person that likes to create lists, and then cross everything off so I get a sense of accomplishment, and it feels like bucket lists are for the sort of people that like to dream big and imagine all of the possibilities, and then accomplish those things as the opportunity presents themselves. While I’m usually neither one to let opportunities present themselves, nor one to make lists that feel insurmountable, today is a new day. And I’m making a Summer Bucket List…ish.

I say ‘-ish’ because my bucket list only has five things on it, and those things are completely vague. So, pretty much the opposite of what people usually go for. Either way, though, these are some things that I’m really hoping to accomplish this summer.

Bokeh B list

1. Eat really fresh, seasonal food. This means cooking with ingredients that are in season {rhubarb syrup, ftw}, visiting my area farmers market, and growing my own food! I had tomatoes last year that were successful, so this year I’ve added in some kale, peas and peppers. I also want to try a lettuce pot and maybe a tiered herb pot outside. I’m really hopeful that some of these will be successful, but even if I fall victim to my own brown thumbs, I still want to be able to eat fresh, delicious, just picked food- and that’s where my farmers market comes in.

2. Do something creative, whether that means sewing {I adore this tree quilt, but could also be satisfied sewing some cute burp clothes for my niece}, finally working on that string and nail art I pinned last year {except, I’m now really into the idea of using the string to create negative space}, catching up on watercolors, going through a photography tutorial, or even just going to a few of those wine-and-canvas events with some girlfriends. Anything creative would be warmly welcomed into my life!

3. Keep moving! Evan and I did the Pelotonia charity bike ride a few years ago, and we had a blast. Raising money for cancer research was deeply fulfilling, and getting all of that outdoor exercise on training rides was great- maybe we’ll do that again this summer. On the other hand, I’ve also been trying really hard to reincorporate yoga into my life- I get so many benefits from it, physically, mentally and emotionally. I wasn’t thrilled with a few of the studios options I’ve tried lately, but I recently discovered Yoga With Adriene, and I absolutely adore her! I’ve been doing the videos at home quite a bit this month- maybe I’ll amp this up over the summer? Or maybe I’ll finally start lifting in the little home gym Evan built for us in the basement- who knows? In any case, I’m determined to keep adding more activity to my days.

4. Complete some notable home improvement project. I’ve been dying to address our too-crowded kitchen for two and a half years, and that renovation remains a distant dream. What I could do, though, is finish {start?} our dining room update, or add curtains to the living room, or add either of the gallery walls that I’ve been ruminating on {nice and chic, or ledges, or something more eclectic} , or finally find a place to build in a bookshelf, or paint our master bathroom. Would you believe that we have never showered in our Master Bath? We took down the wallpaper when we moved in, and never sanded the walls or repainted, so we don’t use it for anything other than middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks. How is that even possible? Maybe time to pin some small bathroom inspiration and get on that project, already.

5. Date my sweet husband. Though this is number five on my list, it’s number one in my heart {so. cheesy}. Evan works 24 hours every three days, and I work a 9-5 schedule and take classes part time. We don’t see each other as much as we’d like, and when we are together it can feel like the same old ‘dinner and FNL’ routine all the time. Add in a sister that lives with us, visiting the new baby as much as possible, maintaining a home, travelling to spend time with my family who live an hour and a half away, and it can be so hard to, you know…date. I have a few easy things, though, that should be fun to do this summer {visiting the new Africa exhibit at the zoo, and going to a drive-in movie in the new truck are just two suggestions}. My ideas aren’t too exciting, but I’m looking forward to that little giddy feeling you get when you go on a date with someone you’re pretty into 🙂

So that’s my extremely not specific bucket list- what are you all trying to get into this summer?