Babies, and Showers, and Onesies

IMG_3453A few months into my SIL’s pregnancy, I started brainstorming shower gifts. I love, love to give handmade or handcrafted gifts- my focus usually isn’t saving money, because that rarely is the case, but providing something useful and memorable and sentimental. Usually I would do a diaper cake or onesie/bib/sock cupcakes or something fun like that, but Evan and I started a small embroidery business recently, and I thought it might be nice to personalize something for our new niece. After sorting through Pinterest ideas for weeks (seriously, the inspiration overload is sometimes paralyzing) I settled on a set of month-by-month onesies.

IMAG0419Interestingly, though, I’m not the person who does the work- I’m merely an inspiration provider and a book-keeper. So, I had no idea that my gift would actually require a fair amount of time and effort of Evan’s part…oops! After he figured out what I was trying to explain, though, he worked on a few every day for a week and we were pretty pleased with the results.

IMG_3445In addition to some impressive embroidery work, though, Evan can also be credited with the newborn onesie. He reasoned that the name should go on the bum, since newborns stay kind of tucked up for a while. Isn’t that sweet?

IMG_3449We definitely thought they turned out well, but have been a little shocked at the reaction our gift has gotten. My SIL cried when she opened them, and we’ve had people calling and emailing to ask if we’ll make more. We’re thinking about opening a tiny Etsy shop, to see if there’s a market…I wonder if people will be interested?

IMG950183Either way, this is one gift we’re proud of getting and will likely give again in the future. We were thrilled to see baby Thompson’s first photo, and will love to see more of our work on other newborns in the future!