Showering the New Mama

Today, I’m so excited to share the baby shower that we held a few weeks ago for my sister-in-law. Pretty much the moment I found out that I was going to be an Auntie, I started collecting ideas for this shower- I was so excited to welcome a babe into our family! Together with my mother-in-law, I quickly settled on the idea of an in-home shower, to keep in line with a modest budget, and a brunch, because it lends itself nicely to easy menu planning.



By the time planning started, I knew that we were expecting a niece, but I didn’t want the party to be just pink- I really love a rainbow of pastels. So for decoration, I commissioned my husband’s dad and step-mom to make the adorable centerpieces above, and my sister made this beautiful (if a bit messy, due to the glitter) wreath for the front door.


And my sister and mom were in charge of this ‘shower’ themed backdrop.

IMG_4385For food, we had a pretty awesome spread of sweet and savory options.

IMG_4243I’m not big on games, so I only planned one- a Price is Right style guessing game, where each guest had to guess the price of a few baby items that we had spread on a coffee table. Whoever guessed correctly got a prize- and the mama to-be got to keep everything. We also had a diaper-message station, for writing sweet things on diapers, and a well-wishing station, where people could write their wishes, blessings and advice for baby and mama. Later, I put those cards in an album with photos from the shower and gave it to my SIL this past weekend- I think she liked it 🙂

IMG_4259We sent people away from the shower with our thanks, and a little ‘punny’ favor.

IMG_4355Generally, I measure successful parties by the amount of food that people are eating, and the difficulty you have getting everyone’s attention, since there’s so much chatter. Judged by those standards, this baby shower was a hit!