Great News!

Friends, so many awesome things are happening around here! I’ve been working hard on my application for Grad School (for the past two years I’ve just been taking classes as a non-degree seeking student) and I just learned that week that I’ve been accepted. I could not be more thrilled! The day after that, I learned that I was invited to sit on a very small committee at my very large organization- it’s a good deal of work, in addition to my job, but I’m hoping that the work I put into it will pay off in networking benefits!

AnnabelleAnd finally, in amazing news this week, we welcomed our gorgeous niece into the world. She was born last Tuesday and this weekend Evan and I had to chance to stay with her and Evan’s sister and brother in law for a few days.

IMG_4540She is absolute perfection, and we are utterly smitten.

IMG_4576Over the next few days we’ll talk about the shower that we threw in her honor, and one of the gifts we made for her. Stay tuned!

  • Mary

    Wow lots going on–congrats on all the positive changes!