Belize: Tranquility Time


I thought today might be a nice day to close out the Belize trilogy and get back to some regularly scheduled business. So, we left off with our visit to Tikal, to check out some amazing Mayan ruins. That was a long day, and I think that everyone was pretty satisfied to leave our jungle adventures and get started with the relaxing beach portion of vacation.


To get there, however, we had to catch a ride on the tiny plane above. I don’t mind flying at all, but Evan can sometimes be a nervous traveler and being in such a small plane was not ideal for him. When the captain got on the intercom (sidebar: intercom was totally not necessary- he could have accomplished the same communication by slightly raising his voice), though, and announced that we needed to make a few stops before we reached out final destination, I didn’t know if Evan was going to have a panic attack or a fit of rage. Luckily, he sorted himself out after a few beach drinks at our resort 🙂 cabanas

cabana row

Our resort was glorious. We chose Tranquility Bay for a few reasons- namely, that they had the closest access to the reef. My vacation priority was adventure, and Evan’s was definitely snorkeling, so I was thrilled that this place was so close to the reef. Also, there were only nine cabanas, so it wasn’t a loud, overrun resort. Finally, they had a restaurant on location, so we didn’t need to look for food.crab


Overall, we loved our stay. The cabanas were pretty nice sized, and had AC. They included the use of kayaks and the sail boats, which were really fun. The beach was cleaned several times a day, so it was beautiful and easy to access. And, I mean…Belize really is paradise. The water was warm and amazingly clear, and the stars in the night sky were crazy bright.


We wished, a little bit, that they had more of a variety of food, or that the quality of food was better, and also that there was any way to access groceries and booze, and a better wifi signal. But, of course, we came on vacation to get away, so wifi wasn’t a big deal, and we chose Tranquility for their remoteness, so we weren’t surprised by anything. As I said, a few things that might have been nice…but at the end of the vacation, we were thrilled with our experience, and would definitely do it again!Sunset