Some Spring Planting

Great, great news- I’ve finally broken through the most chaotic month of the year! Seriously- we had a bachelorette party that I was in charge of feeding, a glorious Belize adventure, an unexpected bout of sun poisoning, which was gross, a baby shower that I helped throw for my sister-in-law, then a twenty page term paper on electoral reform. Not a bad month, by any means, but certainly a month where I relied pretty heavily on my planner, my to-do lists, and coffee applied intravenously. Anyway, this weekend was a rare weekend where Ev had both days off and we didn’t have any obligations, so it was perfect for doing some spring planting! Now, I’m not a gardener by any means- mostly, I plant things and then cross my fingers that something grows. Last year, I had about six wildly successful tomato plants, so I gained some confidence. This year, I decided to try some early spring planting, with kale. Inspired by a Home Depot commercial, I grabbed a hanging planter, some potting soil, kale seeds, and a flat of posies. IMG_4451

I had six flowers, so I cut six evenly space vertical slits in the coconut liner and inserted my posies so the flowers were outside of the liner, and the roots were inside.


Then, I filled the rest of the basket with potting mix, and sprinkled in my kale seeds. I used two packets of seeds, regular and heirloom kale. The heirloom was purple and  gorgeous, so I went with it. My planing was pretty scientific- I sprinkled each batch of seeds evenly across the basket 🙂 Then I covered the entire thing with another thin layer of coil, as directed by the seed packet. IMG_4456

If everything goes according to plan, I should see growth in about ten days…exciting! My main concern is what to do when (if?) kale starts growing. The packet suggests that plants ought to be thinned to 18 inches, which I believe means that every plant need to grow about 18 inches apart. If that’s truly the case, I could probably only grow one, maybe two, kale plants in my basket and would need to move the other plants. To an undetermined location. So…we’ll see how that goes. In the mean time, here’s hoping that we have kale in a month or so!

IMG_4461Also important to note that we didn’t actually have a hook for a hanging basket on our front porch, which I really thought we did. So, temporarily, this basket is sharing space with our UD flag.


Also, in unsurprising news, Howie kept a very watchful eye over this entire process. He fancies himself the ‘neighborhood watch’.

I hope everyone else is getting excited for Spring! It’s finally on its way, I’m certain of it!