Belize: Starting Our Adventure

So Belize was, as anticipated, amazing. Waking up this morning to 18 degree temps was such a letdown after leaving such a balmy, tropical, gorgeous place! Luckily, I brought back a pretty serious sunburn to remind me of my vacation adventures : )

I’ll run through our most notable Belize highlights this week on the blog. This vacation was a fairly even mix of jungle adventure and beach-y relaxation, so we have some pretty awesome stories! One main theme, though, is that it’s pretty awesome to vacation with friends. I adore Evan, of course, but adding more people to the mix means that we have more ideas and options, and a greater chance of pushing boundaries of our comfort zones. Suffice it to say, spending the week with Rachael and Mark was delightful!

So, we landed in Belize, rented our SUV, and made our way to our Jungle Lodge. We travelled for about two hours on a paved road, then made a last turn onto nine miles of rocks? Limestone? Who knows? It was bumpy, so we were crawling! We finally arrived at Moonracer Farms and…something.

IMG_3772You should know- at the end of the trip, we adored the lodge and the family that took care of us. Also, we knew full well what we were getting into when we booked our vacation. But arriving in the jungle, with 85 degree heat and high humidity and checking into your room with no AC, no fan, no electricity? It was a tiny shock to the senses. Here’s where we stayed:




IMG_3711Julio is the father of the family that manages the farm, and his wife Janet makes the most amazing food for her guests! It was truly the two of them, and their family, that made our stay there so wonderful. On the first night we were there, though, Evan and I came back to the room well after dark. Evan was sweeping his flashlight back and forth, to scan for spiders, and stopped on a place on the wall- it was a scorpion! I went to ask Julio how to deal with it, and he brought his machete to chop the tail off. So…that was definitely a character building experience for us.


IMAG0525We also trekked through some gorgeous scenery on our first day- we were trying to get to Big Rock Falls, but there was a misunderstanding in translation with the directions. We ended up at a scary looking camp, but then also a brand new set of cabins over the river. No one was around…so we hiked down, ending our day with a gorgeous sunset.