Friday Five

Right now, we’re in Belize! We’ve spent the week doing awesome things like hiking through the jungle, exploring underground cave ruins, and trekking into Guatemala. Then, of course, we hung out on the gorgeous beach and did some snorkeling around the reef. All in all, it’s been a pretty amazing week!

One thing that Evan and I like to do while we’re on vacation is plan our next one. It might seem like we’re rushing through things, and not taking time to enjoy the trip we’re on, but that’s not it at all! We like to have something to look forward to, and coming home from a vacation is sort of like the day after your wedding- all that planning, and now it’s over. So, we like to start our brainstorming early, to lessen that feeling of loss. With that, today’s Five are five places that Evan and I have on our bucket list- there are tons more places, but there make the top of the list!

  1. Italy. This is our number one top priority in terms of travel. I am desperate to visit Rome, for all of the gorgeous architecture, and the history aspect. Evan would love to go to Lake Como, and Milan. We both want to eat all of the pasta and drink all of the wine. Pretty much, this is our dream vacation, we hope to take it before we have kids.rome
  2. Alaskan cruise. I was actually pretty shocked when Evan suggested this one, since he’s usually more of a beach and pool type of vacationer. But then, neither of us has ever been anywhere even remotely arctic, so this would be a good choice to get out of our comfort zones. I’ve also heard that it’s incredibly relaxing- I imagine that gliding through the icebergs would have a certain amount of serenity associated with it!
  3. Greece/Mediterranean. Ah, yes, back to the beach vacations J Evan’s sister and her husband did a two-week trip to the Meditarranean, and they loved it. I think they stayed at two separate places, and mostly went to the beach or wandered into town or went out on boats. That sounds lovely, obviously, but I would also want to be sure to explore as many ancient ruins as we have time for.bali
  4. Bali. How gorgeous does Bali look? There’s a beach, certainly, but there are also tons of temples and museums to explore, and a safari park, and outrigger paddling trips and, as near as I can tell, plenty of nightlight entertainment to be had. And, let’s face it- Indonesia is much, much different from any traditional vacation my family has ever taken. It’s an immersion into another culture, which can be a bit of a challenge…and I really like to embrace the struggle of taking myself out of my comfort zone.
  5. Ireland and Scotland. Like Bali, Ireland is not a place that I picture when someone mentions a ‘dream vacation’. My family is from Ireland, though, and it would be amazing to see the castle that is my namesake. I’ve also heard that both Scotland and Irish are crazy beautiful. Plus, I mean, all the distillery and brewery tours to be had 🙂

So where would you go for a dream vacation? Everything in my list is international- is there a place within the US that you’d like to visit?