Friday Five

I grew up in a house with four women and two men. My brother was the oldest, then me, and then I had two little sisters. I was always a little bitter that didn’t have an older sister, because that meant I was the most awkward. I had a perm, and I wore weird 80s clothes, and there was no one to tell me that my bangs were unfortunate, or wide legs jeans weren’t doing anyone any favors. My sisters, on the other hand, were using my straightener and shaving their legs and generally avoiding the worst of their awkward stages, because they had access to all of my things.

Now, though, we’re all adults and one of my favorite things is sharing our beauty tips, specifically our favorite products. Although we’re each about two years apart, we still have a very similar beauty routine, and we still depend on each other for new recommendations. Today’s Five are five things that my sisters and I all use and love.

dove pink

1. Dove soap, specifically the pink bar. The three of us have used Dove soap since we were in our teens- it’s been at least fifteen years that this bar has been a part of our routine. We use it in the shower, on a loofah for our bodies and at the sink with our hands, to wash our face. For us, it’s the only thing we can use to get our faces clean, and not have other reactions due to sensitivity.  It’s perfection.


2. Secret deodorant. For whatever reason, my family are a sweaty people. I’m not particularly athletic, but both of my sisters were college athletes and, as you can imagine, sweated with the best of them. We’ve tried a number of deodorants out there, including the clinical strength one, but the ‘white’ Secret has been our best bet.


3. Venus razors. Growing up, we used the cheap, disposable razors with two blades and I always had nicks and rashes as a result. Now that we’re grown, we spend the money and use the Venus Embrace. It has five blades, and I’ve never been nicked. Legs, underarms, bikini area- everything is safe and smooth with this razor- it’s well worth the expense.


4. Covergirl LashBlast mascara. Here’s the thing- the Maybelline mascara in the pink tube may be the classic choice, but we hate it. It doesn’t stay on your lashes throughout the day, and it doesn’t wash off at night! No, thank you. We prefer the LashBlast line. We’ve been through each version (the orange, the pink, the yellow, the green and the black tubes) and we love them all! Right now I’m using the green tube (clump crusher, maybe?), and it’s awesome. My lashes are longer and darker, nothing migrates to underneath my eyes throughout the day, and it all comes off with Dove soap.


5. Revlon lipstick crayons. These are a new product for us, but we love them! We’re so excited for spring, and Revlon just released a new line of super bright pink and coral colors. They’re easy to apply, and don’t get on our teeth. We like to wear them alone, or with a swipe of Burts Bees over top. They’re a really reasonably priced way to spice up our makeup routines, and we highly recommend them!

Does anyone else have any products that they absolutely love to recommend?