Product Review: 7 Day Keratin Smooth Treatment

I’m not really sure what’s happened with my hair. When I was in college, I had varying shades of blonde and blonder. I spent some time abroad, and dyed it super dark. Then I came back and tried to return to my formerly blonde ways. Evan prefers me not super blonde, so last fall I started having lowlights added. Now, my hair is sort of dark blonde with lighter and darker streaks throughout.

My hair, over the past ten years or so...

My hair, over the past ten years or so…

All of this to say, the texture of my hair has suffered. When it was blonde, I know my hair was damaged, but it felt a lot better! It was nice and smooth and air dried into some reasonably soft waves. Now that it’s darker, if I wash it and don’t blow dry it or straighten it, it gets coarse and kind of….gritty? I’ve thought a lot about a seriously expensive keratin treatment, and then I started seeing commercials for Tresemme’s 7 Day Keratin Smooth Treatment. I found a coupon in the paper, so I practically had to buy it, and I figured I would share my experience with you.


I know, I know, I know- when you review a product, you should use it exactly as directed, so you can review it as it was intended to be used. Spoiler alert- I didn’t follow the directions precisely. Here’s the thing- I don’t have the resources (time/money) to try to fit an entirely new system into my routine, unless it’s amazing. I need something that can fit into my life as is. So, no, I didn’t use the corresponding shampoo and conditioner, as recommended.

Moving along…the directions tell you to divide thick and coarse hair into six sections and use two pumps of product on each section. It was easier for me to divide my hair into four roughly equal sections. Then, I applied two pumps of the product to each of the bottom sections, and three pumps of product to each of the top sections- and that felt like an alarming amount of product. Then I brushed it through, blow dried, and carefully flat ironed in very small sections.

The result was amazing! Even Evan commented that my hair was incredibly soft, right after I straightened it. I prefer not to wash my hair every day, so I used some dry shampoo the next day, and re-straightened a few sections that needed it- still very soft and smooth. I shampooed on the third day and let it air dry (let’s be honest, I just took a shower before bed and slept on my wet hair). The result was really impressive- it was my old, soft waves that I’d been missing! I straightened my bangs, and added some glossing cream, and my hair was perfectly fine to leave down. I straightened and used some dry shampoo on the fourth day, and that was another great hair day. After I shampooed on the fifth day, I was starting to get back to my normal, rougher texture, and I had to straighten it to go out in public. But, after I straightened it on day 6, it was still noticeable softer. When I shampooed on day 7, we were back to a coarse, not pretty wave.

As a reviewer, I would give this product 4 or 4 ½ stars. The only reason I take away a few points is because it’s kind of a pain/timesuck to have to wash my hair, apply the product, blow dry and straighten in order for the product to be effective. On the other hand, I think many people actually do that on a regular basis, so it might fit seamlessly into your routine! Other than that, I was really pleased with the change in texture of my hair, and will probably continue to use this product every Sunday. Though it takes some time, having my soft waves back was a blessing, and meant I didn’t necessarily need to straighten my hair every day. Success!