Friday Five

Today’s five is all about my favorite ‘secret singles’ activities. Evan’s a firefighter, and that means that he works a 24 on, 48 off schedule. When he first started working fulltime, it was kind of a challenge- I wasn’t thrilled that I only got to see him three or four nights a week, and one weekend day. It’s been a few years, and while it’s still frustrating that we can’t just take spontaneous weekend trips, I’ve actually grown to appreciate his shift work.

What I like best about it is that I can engage in what I call ‘secret singles’ behavior. These are things that I love to do when Evan’s not around- nothing that he doesn’t know about, obviously, but things that I might not do in his presence. So, here you have it- my five favorite Secret Singles things I do when Ev’s on duty.State of Wonder

  1. Read: I can read in silence for hours, but I always feel a bit bad just tucking into a book for an entire afternoon when Evan’s around, because I probably either didn’t see him yesterday or I won’t see him tomorrow. So, when he works a Saturday or Sunday, I frequently pour a cup of coffee or tea and snuggle into my loveseat for long reading session. Right now, I’m working on State of Wonder by Ann Patchett…and it’s pretty good.
  2. Cook: I do most of the cooking in our house, which I enjoy, but when I’m making dinner for Evan and Shannon, I try to make sure that it’s a normal dinner- you know, with vegetables and protein and side dishes that go together. When I cook for me, I make things that Evan doesn’t prefer and I make whatever I want, even if it doesn’t go together. Last week, I made meatballs in marinara, guacamole, and Brussels sprouts .  These are all things that I make on a regular basis but probably not as one meal- secret singles prerogative.
  3. House shopping! We bought this house about a year and a half ago, and we’re not exactly in the market for another house…but I keep looking anyway. I absolutely adore the convenience of the neighborhood that we’re in, and our actual neighbors are awesome! But I’d love house that had a better bathroom situation or a bigger kitchen, and we’d like to move into a better school district before our kids are school age, if we have the opportunity. So no rush, obviously, but I like to keep my eye out for any secret deals. The entire matter stressed Evan out, so I do my best detective work when he’s not around 🙂Essie
  4. Beautify- having every third day to myself is perfect for beautifying. I can take extra-long showers, do face and hair masks, and at home manis and pedis. Right now, I’m loving Brazilliant– it makes me feel like spring will eventually get here! Also, since Evan has a lotion-phobia, I can spend my alone time moisturizing the heck out of my dry winter skin.
  5. Watch trash TV: it’s one show- Dance Moms. I absolutely cannot stop watching it, because all the women on that show are so atrocious (except Dr. Holly, of course)! When Evan’s gone, I like to get my fill of DM, any Real Housewives or Kardashians that looks appealing and whatever rom-coms look interesting on Netflix.

So that’s pretty much my schedule for the nights Ev’s on duty. What other secret singles behavior does everyone else indulge in when their significant other isn’t around?