Friday Five

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re all about celebrating love in this house! Evan isn’t necessarily about sending flowers, though- he expresses himself other ways. So today’s Friday Five is a look at some of my favorite ways that my husband shows his romantic side!


  1. Laundry. Evan does the lion’s share of laundry in this house, and I can’t even tell you the amount of love that will flow through you when you’re scrambling around, trying to get ready in the morning, and you walk into the laundry room to find all of your work clothes clean, dry and on hangers, just waiting to be worn. This ranks very near the top on the list of things I appreciate in Evan.
  2. About twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, I get the absolute worst sinus congestion/inflammation/whatever, and it’s Evan to the rescue. The man stocks the pantry with chicken and stars and mini saltines and makes sure I have an endless supply of cough drops, pseudoephedrine and Burts Bees on my bedside table, and tucks me in for three days of sleeping it off. I know that I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, but it’s nice to have else make sure you’re okay when you’re not feeling so hot.
  3. You might not guess it to look him, but Evan is one of the most entertaining people I’ve ever met, especially in the car. The man knows so many song lyrics, from Nappy Roots to Garth Brooks to John Legend, and has plenty of dance moves to go with them. If he’s has a bit to drink, he’ll break them out at a wedding or bar night, but otherwise these song and dance combinations are confined to long car rides- and they crack me up every time.
  4. Evan and I are pretty good about keeping up with current events, but we have very different politics. One of the things that I appreciate most about our relationship is the way we can discuss things that we have such different perspectives on- Evan is very careful to listen to where I’m coming from, to acknowledge that I’m making a case, even when he doesn’t care for it, and to try to explain his perspective without being condescending or patronizing, which is so easy to do when two people believe different things. Though we rarely come to an agreement about much in politics, I like that we can communicate well enough to really have a meaningful discussion about things that we’re passionate about, without it turning into an argument.
  5. And finally, another nod to communication- I work a 9-5 job and Evan works a 24 on, 48 off schedule. It’s sometimes difficult to be on such different schedules, but we really make an effort to check in a few times a day and talk before we go to bed each night, and we make sure to exchange ‘I love you’ constantly. I know that it’s not important to many people, but just taking a second to look at another person and hear them express love for you…it’s nice. And reassuring. And even…romantic. Love you, Ev!