Friday Five


Oh my word, the Olympics. Like many, many people I know, I adore the Olympics. For no particular reason, I see the Summer Olympics as the ‘official’ ones, but I can also rally behind some Winter Olympics. So, in honor of the games, today’s five things are Sochi themed:

  1. The hashtag #SochiProblems. I understand that Olympic sites are usually not completely prepared when the games begin, but Sochi seems to be especially behind schedule and off course, as every single tweet seems to be pointing out. And maybe I’m the worst, but this train wreck is making me positively gleeful #sorryi’mnotsorry
  2. Terror alerts. Seriously, though, the US banned all liquids, gels, aerosols and powders in carry-on luggage on flights between the US and Russia- what the what? And we have a couple of ships hanging out, ready to protect and defend? How can any of these athletes even think about focusing on their events with all of this nonsense?
  3. Olympic commercialsssss! I love Olympic commercials so much more than Super Bowl commercials. They’re all patriotic or inspiring or thankful or cheesy…check out the Because of Moms commercial– so sweet!
  4. Our sweaters, man. I don’t even know what to say. We always look weird in our official American outfits, but these are terrible! Ralph Lauren was seriously going for a gift-my-nationalist-auntie-knitted-for-an-old-folks-ugly-sweater party…it’s not good, but oddly intriguing. But still not good.
  5. And finally, something about the actual events. I like to watch the luge, because it’s exciting and dangerous, but Evan and I will seriously watch curling for hours. Hours. I have no idea what is so compelling about this event, because we have no clear grasp on the rules, but we loooove to watch some curling. Who would have guessed?