Friday Five

George and Edna

Life seems to have a way of delivering a swift kick in the pants, sometimes.

My mechanic failed to call me, again, and wouldn’t pick up his phone last night when I tried to call him. I called my dad to complain and about ten seconds into my rant, he interrupted. “Erin, I’m in the car with your grandmother,” he let me know. “She’s been having some pain and we’re headed to the hospital.” Having some pain was actually a conservative observation, it turns out. The cancer that she beat last year has possibly returned, and there’s a mass growing in her abdomen. I spent the day with her and…I’m struggling, to be honest. She’s a really great person, and seeing someone you love, in pain, is awful. So today, my five things will relate to my grandparents- they’re pretty awesome, as grandparents go.

Edna and George

1. My grandma was a nurse. She went to nursing school very shortly after she met my grandfather, and when he used to come visit her at nursing school, she would sneak him into her room. They’re pretty adorable like that.

2. My grandfather was quite the stud when he was younger- he used to be mistaken for a Kennedy on the regular!

3. My grandma is a prize winning quilter- her work is gorgeous. She usually sells or donates her work, but when I was about twelve, I told her that I was expecting one of her quilts as a wedding gift {it seems a bit presumptuous, in hindsight}. Well, when we got married last year, grandma was still battling cancer and wasn’t well enough to attend. We opened our wedding gifts, and I cried when I found one of her gorgeous quilts among our other gifts- it is so very treasured.

4. When we were little, my family would drive from Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents. Every night my grandpa would read us our bedtime stories, and in the morning he would microwave stale donuts for breakfast. To this day, I love a day old glazed donut that’s been reheated.

5. My grandma was a renowned gin drinker back in the day, with her lady friends. I started drinking gin because I thought that she was pretty cool. Now, my favorite cocktail is a gin martini, shaken with a squeeze of lemon- just like Edna.