Friday Five


1. Current events. It actually disgusts me that a Canadian teenager being an asshat is being discussed when people should really be so much more engrossed in the likes of Ukraine, or India, or Syria, or Russia. I actually cried this morning when I read about the latest bombings in Cairo. On the other hand, maybe Justin Beiber’s antics are a coping mechanism so people don’t have to constantly face how much humanity can suck sometimes.

2. On a much, much lighter note- Starburst minis. I usually ridicule mini candies, because really- who is in such a rush to get to their kit-kat that they don’t have time to unwrap it? Also, these large bags of unwrapped sweets pretty much ensure that you will eat what amounts to about four candy bars in one sitting. Welp, call me converted, because my bag of mini starburst is nearly the only thing that’s gotten me through this week…even if I do toss all of the pink ones.

3. Also getting me through this week is my Simplified Planner from Emily Ley. I am absolutely an online person, and I utilize my Google calendar, along with a variety of note taking and check list apps, to the fullest extent. I really value this binder, though- every day has a page, with a line for each hour. Seeing my actual obligations for every hour helps to keep me accountable for how I choose to spend my time. I also like the box for dinner- it lets me think ahead, or look back to what we’ve had, for inspiration. I often use the to-do list as a to-get list, after I’ve decided what we’re eating that night. All I’m saying is, in a world where it’s easy to succumb to a culture of business, this planner helps to keep me organized and on track.

4. Notecards {see above}. It might surprise you, as it does many, the amount of notecards I own…and this is just my at-work stash. I really like to correspond, and I sent at least one note every week. This week, my notecard went to my grandparents- George and Edna were on my mind, and I thought they might like to know about it. Full disclosure, it was donut related memory. Isn’t it always?

5. Italian. Pretty much, Italian food is the only thing I can think about when the weather gets this cold…red sauce over noodles, with some roasted veggies and maybe some sausage, dusted with shredded parm. Red wine? Yes, please. Add some ciabatta on the side with olive oil for dipping, and we’re best friends. Bet you can guess what’s on the menu for this weekend 🙂