Friday Five

Howard Winston III

Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

– yellow cake. This yellow cake, specifically. I’ve had such a craving lately. Our anniversary cake was incredibly disappointing and, even though I don’t even like cake, I’m irrationally obsessed with having a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Guess what’s on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon… 🙂

– the Skimm. What is it? theSkimm is a newsletter that arrives in my inbox daily with a summary of all the major news events I should be aware of. If you know me, you know that I’m usually really on top of current events, and take in news from a variety of sources. I like theSkimm, though, because I feel like it gives me a pass on checking all my sites when I don’t have time. It takes five minutes for me to read in the morning {usually when I’m on the bus, or waiting in line for coffee} and is written in my language- laymen’s terms with a healthy dose of sarcasm. It’s not dumbed-down, though- just short pieces of news, fair-and-balanced, and easy to get.

– My Publisher. Evan and I were married at the beginning of the year last year, which is super convenient for goal setting and reviewing and all that. One of my goals for our first year of marriage {and calendar year 2013} was to create a yearbook of all the photos we took this year of our mostly non-photo-worthy lives. Mostly, I wanted to have everything organized and in one place without printing a bunch of photos and filing them in albums or a box. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So last week I collected all of my memory cards, and downloaded all the photos from our phones, organized them by month, and used My Publisher’s convenient software to create our very first yearbook. It’s not necessarily a work of art, but it’s 100 pages of photos from this year, and it was so much fun to go through it once it arrived 5-8 business days after ordering. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with our final product.

– Kate Spade. I was on the KS website last year and, for no apparent reason, ordered what turned out to be a canvas baby bag. Really, it’s just a glorified and oversized tote. It was so big that, when I first got it, I used it as an overnight bag. Well, no surprise, after using it a few times as a weekender, it turned into my every day bag…it’s usually pretty empty, but I like having the option to toss my 17 inch laptop in there, if I need to {or groceries, or a couple of library books, or whatever}. As I was lugging an alarming amount of crap around in it today, it just really struck me how well it’s treated me. Despite my pretty abuse bag behavior, it shows little to no signs of serious wear- no tearing, fading, loose stitches…nothing. So, thanks Kate Spade- it’s like you get me 🙂

– Howie {see above}. But then, Howie is pretty much always on my mind. Who could blame me?