Gloves in Love: Getting Pretty

At about 10:30, I sent all the girls to get dressed and sat down for some hair with my mom. At my hair trial, which I neglected to blog about, I shared a few inspiration pics, as well as a photo of hair I had done as a bridesmaid in another wedding, and loved- messy curls, with texture rather than smoothed at the crown, and pinned at the nape of my neck. I liked the result of the trial, but wanted the curls a little more loose- I needed a complete updo, but wanted to avoid prom hair, if at all possible. I was a little trepidatious on my wedding morning, but Nancy nailed it.

Bride Gets Pretty

For my makeup I requested an almost natural look- airbrushed foundation, light on the blush and bronzer, and just a lined eye- not smokey really, just defined, with some nice false lashes.


Bride Gets Pretty1


In case you wondered what everyone else was doing while this was happening…

degiralomo_WEB_0036How cute are these women? Rachael, second one from the left, looks like such a proud mama 🙂

So, what were the guys doing? That’s next up 🙂

As always, the photos are courtesy of the amazingly talented and alarmingly personable Barefeet Studio